Friday, March 23, 2018

Back Again

Well, I have been gone a long while from this Blog! In truth, I just hit the wall with Asian films after having obsessively watched Hong Kong movies for about 10 years and maintaining a website ( and then helping organize the New York Asian Film Festival as part of Subway Cinema. As one of the programmers I watched around 100+ films every year. It was great but I finally jumped ship around 2009 because I was living less and less in New York City. I live in Bangkok now for much of the year and I had no value to the festival. A part of me was sad to leave the festival but also relieved. It began to dominate the lives of everyone involved. I would like to think it collapsed without my wise guidance and impeccable taste in films, but it has actually gone on to much bigger and better things! Damn! A good lesson in life. We can always be replaced. In work and in matters of the heart.

So I basically took about two to three years off from watching many films at all but then over the past two years I began watching a lot of older Hollywood films that I just had never seen much of - in particular a lot of B films. I then began logging them into a website called that allows people to do this and to connect up - if you wish to - with other film lovers. I often wrote reviews mainly so that if I look back I can remember that I saw it and what it was about. At 64 you need all the help you can! But Letterboxd is a very closed off system and so the other day I thought why not put my reviews there, here as well. Bring this thing back from the dead if possible. When I logged in I got all these messages about cookies and this and that and had no idea what they were talking about. So let's see if this still works. 

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Ken H said...

welcome back!

love, looking forward to read your new reviews on the older Hollywood films you mentioned (on a separate note, hope you still review some asian/hk films!)