Wednesday, January 22, 2014

State of Emergency Declared in Bangkok

but who really noticed? I had planned on avoiding the protest sites after a few hand grenades caused some severe mayhem earlier in the week, but some shopping needs took me down to Pantip, Central and Siam Paragon which is where one of the larger protests has settled in. One thing that was noticeable is that there were not a lot of protestors around any longer and those that were still in residence looked to be taking it easy. But in Thai like fashion any empty space is reason to put down some goods to be sold. The area has basically become a wonderful walking street with items of all kinds being sold from food to sneakers to hats to Bangkok Shutdown souvenirs. Capitalism at its finest. The Bangkok Police Headquarters is situated right in the middle of this but there was not a cop to be seen. The Lido theaters are still in operation and I noticed that Chinese New Year is almost upon us. Happy New Year.

Some photos. I hope it all stays this peaceful.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report, Brian! It does look rather festive, but yes I do hope it doesn't devolve into violence. Have fun, but be careful. ;)

Best wishes for a happy and healthy Year of the Horse!

P.S. Those eye billboards are pretty creepy.

Brian said...

Those eyes are just the NSA watching us and keeping us safe!