Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome to 2014!

With continuous firecrackers exploding outside my window and lighting up the dark skyline and the passing Skytrain with sparkly vivid colors I wish you all A Very Happy New Year and I am sure these Hong Kong actors would do the same if they were here with me! Have fun in the new year and may many good movies come your way!



YTSL said...

Happy 2014 to you Brian!

Have to wonder how many people can ID every one of the people in your photos. Maybe none besides you! :b

Brian said...

And you I would hope!! Happy New Year to you and all your hikes and all your film watching. I hope 2014 rocks!

YTSL said...

Hi Brian --

Thanks for the good wishes.

Re the IDs: I'm afraid pictures 3, 5 and 7 from the top had me stumped! But then I'm the problem who mistook Kara Hui Ying Hung for a film company PR at a premiere and Crystal Tin for an usher. So... ;(

Brian said...

I am shocked! Shocked I tell you! From the top - Alan Tam, Angie Cheung, Carmen Lee & Aaron Kwok, Chingmy Yau, Christy Cheung, DoDo Cheng and Chow Yun Fat, Faye Wong, Gigi Leung, Irene Wan and Athena Chu, Jacky Cheung, Jo Koo, Kenny Bee, Nina Li and Carina Lau, Sally Yeh, Sammi Cheng, The Twins, Valerie Chow, Veronica Yip and Cherie Chung + Maggie Cheung + some old actress who used to be big in Taiwan I think but her name won't come to me!

YTSL said...

Hmmm... okay, I'm surprised myself that I couldn't recognize the Chipmunk -- but honestly, Angie Cheung never was someone I could recognize! And if it's any consolation, I meant to write before that I couldn't recognize the person in picture 6 -- i.e., Christy Chung -- not 7 (Dodo Cheng and Chow Yun Fat)! ;b

As for the Taiwanese actress: it's not the most typical photo of The Great One but OF COURSE I could recognize her... :D

Anonymous said...

Lots of great pictures; esp. like the one of Nina and Carina. Glad at least Carina is still active in films.