Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas in Bangkok

A very Merry Christmas from the shivering masses in Bangkok. At nighttime it has almost dipped into the near artic temperatures of the low 60's. Enough to have the Thai's all wrapped up in sweaters and coats and muttering to themselves "now now (cold cold)". Christmas is the one day of the year that I wish I could transport myself back to home and hearth to be with my family. When my mother was alive it was fully expected that no matter where you were you better plan on being home for Christmas. And we were. But Christmas belongs to the young and with an ever growing cadre of grand-nephews and grand-nieces (one more yesterday!) scurrying around the Christmas tree, you do your best just to stay out of the way and not trample on anything small and mushy. I do miss it.

Like I suppose most of the world, Bangkok gets festive around this time of year even when the city has often been nearly shut down due to protests over the past month or so. Christmas decorations festoon the malls, bars and restaurants and carols seep out of invisible loudspeakers every where you go. I don't really know how much most Thai's understand what Christmas is all about but they like any excuse to have fun and that is basically what Christmas is to them. Girls everywhere are walking around with little red Santa caps on and snowmen perch themselves where they can. Being far away from home, all the lights, color and good will are most welcome. Merry Christmas to you all.

And from Christmas Past when I was small and mushy. And much better dressed.



Steve said...

Nice pictures of Christmas in Thailand; it's neat to see one culture interpret elements of another. Is the message focused on "Joy to the World" throughout the city or was it just that one mall?

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Brian! And the very best wishes for 2014. Love that picture of you in your Christmas suit. ;)

YTSL said...

Seasons greetings to you. As you know, I'm not very religious at all -- but I love that I have the day off tomorrow, AND I'm taking an additional day off on December 26 so I can watch two Ozu films on a big screen at the Hong Kong Arts Centre! ;b

Stay safe in Hong Kong and keep well.

Brian said...

Thanks all. I am not all that religious either but for me Christmas goes beyond religion and beyond commerce and even beyond good eating (though I will be doing that later tonight). It is about family and the older you get the more you appreciate your family and think about them whether they are still with you or not. Of course 2 Ozu films can make you reflect just as much about family!

DD - I just wish I had kept my sartorial splendor all these years. Where did my good fashion sense go?

Steve - I'd say Joy is a theme here because clearly they - being Buddhist - aren't really into the religious aspects of Xmas - but more about the universal themes of peace and having a good time. Not to overplay its importance here - it is also no doubt about getting the tourists to part with money.

elf young said...
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