Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Twins and the Sox

Phew. I have been preoccupied of late with the miraculous play of the Boston Red Sox. Last night they won the American League pennant. This was a team that at the beginning of the season was chosen by nearly everyone to come in dead last in their division and somehow these bearded wonders have banded together for an awe inspiring mind blowing drive. Next is the World Series.

I became a Red Sox fan way back in the distant past; 1967 to be precise. My family had been stationed in Turkey for three years and we were next going on to Afghanistan, but for the summer we had home leave and spent it in the Boston area where both sides of my grandparents lived - my grandmother in Worcester and my grandfather and grandmother in Belmont outside of Boston. In truth, I had never gotten along all that well with my grandfather. He was not a kind man; bigoted, miserly and churlish and he seemed to view me as an unnecessary inconvenience that was best ignored and I did all I could to stay quiet and as invisible as possible around him. It was like staying with Silas Marner. But that summer as the Red Sox battled it out for the pennant with three other teams in a race that wasn't decided until the final weekend, we would all sit out on the back yard porch in the evening and watch the fireflies leisurely and magically light the darkness in their own Morse code and listen to the Sox on the radio and hold our collective breath as Yastrzemski, George Scott and Tony Conigliaro came to the plate. That summer was the only time I ever felt close to my grandfather. That didn't hold but my affection for the Boston Red Sox did and I expect always will. We had to leave before the World Series got underway against the St. Louis Cardinals who they play again this year, but far off in Kabul I waited anxiously for the weekly deliveries of the Herald Tribune to find out who won. The Cardinals. In seven games.

As a celebration of more innocent times, here are some pictures of The Twins.



Anonymous said...

Damn, the twins were so adorable.
My guess is that they will actually be more fondly remembered as time passes despite being regarded as inconsequential fluff.

Anonymous said...

And dont be too hard on your grandfather.
Not to say that it's okay to be a miserable bigot, but he was just a product of his times.

Anonymous said...

I've been to Worcester, MA before! Brian, can you pronounce Worcester the native way?

Brian said...

It's pronounced Wista or something close to that. My father grew up there, my brother went to school there at Clark University as did my mother and father and my uncle and his family lived there. So I have roots there if not the accent.

The Twins will always be fluff but lovable fluff. They came on the scene when HK film was hitting a nadir and give it some personality and pizzazz. But to some degree their success also helped morph HK film away from mature actresses to all these cute young actresses that have plagued HK film. Just One Look though is a wonderful film.