Monday, September 30, 2013

Last of my Cecilia Cheung Photos

I had been planning to shut down this Blog unless President Obama agreed to include in the budgetary Continuing Resolution a law that would make mandatory that all schools study Hong Kong cinema from first through sixth grades and that this Blog and my Website be part of the curriculum. Now I understand that first grade might seem too early to undertake the arduous study of Hong Kong film but that is why I have been posting so many photos. After the President refused to negotiate with me I announced that I was willing to compromise by mandating that only grades three through six do this but I still have not heard from President Obama. Apparently, he has time to discuss nuclear proliferation with the President of Iran but doesn't have the time to stop the closing of this Blog. Shocking and shameful. But after great consideration of the harmful ramifications of doing so, I have decided to keep the Blog open for now. This may have to be revisited in the next few months.

So for the first graders out there here are the last of my pictures of Cecilia Cheung. Ok, not the last of my pictures of her but those others will not see the light of day. Unless of course I need my advertising revenue to be greatly enhanced.