Friday, August 30, 2013

Off Topic for a Minute

In fact way off topic. A break from movie talk. One thing that always amuses me when I go back home to the USA and meet up with various people is how they think I have been roughing it in the Third World of Thailand. I think they still have images in their mind of rickshaw riders, pestilence, poverty and worst of all no fast food. I assure them that living in Bangkok as an ex-pat is as easy as pie. If anything it's too easy. Too soft with everything here that you could want including yes the fast food of McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Carl's, Subway, Swensons and KFC. America isn't going to destroy the word with the Bomb but with saturated fats.

The one thing in particular that the Thai's have mastered is the mall. That ubiquitous locale of so many Hollywood teen movies in the 80's and 90's. But malls in the USA are a boring shadow of what they are here where they have become a lovely oasis of air-conditioned comfort with luxurious shops, a myriad of restaurants and often entertainment. Thai's in Bangkok migrate to the malls in hordes on the weekends and there seems to be a never ending appetite for more of them that are fancier than the last. There are new ones being built all over the city.

My favorite is Terminal 21 which is not far from where I live right on the edge of Farangland. There must be about 40 restaurants in the place, most of them Japanese but Mexican, Western, Chinese, Korean, Indian and others as well. Even a Thai restaurant or two. It also has a Food Court where you can choose a decent meal for about 60 baht or $2. But down in the basement is where the Thai's really love to go because that is where the sweets are. Mounds of them. Just looking can cause a facial outbreak. Here are some pictures that I took a few months ago. I was actually there yesterday and I thought I saw that Mr. Donut now had a weird concoction of sushi on top of donuts. Just how you want your fresh sushi I would guess. Maybe it was a bad dream I had. Back to movies tomorrow.


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