Thursday, August 08, 2013

Hong Kong Movie Posters Continued

Way back in another galaxy I had begun posting scans that I had made of Hong Kong posters from a calendar that I had picked up at the HK Film Archives. Like most things around that period in my life it went unfinished, left by the side of the road like an abandoned baby. But I noticed today that I had actually scanned the remaining ones long ago and was still storing them on my computer. Since I want to take this Blog off life support for at least a little while, I figured the easiest way was just put up lots and lots of pictures. So I will be doing that until I get real ambitious and watch a movie or two and see if I can still write a coherent review. Btw, here is where the previous movie posters are stored.

My problem regarding reviews is that I have no access currently to new HK movies and am years behind in seeing stuff. Years. I have no idea who is even big anymore though chances are it is still Andy Lau and Tony Leung. So whatever I review will be so old I will have to remove a thick layer of dust off of the avi file and in truth most of these films are so obscure and undistinguished that even their mothers would not acknowledge them. So what is the point? No idea. But I have noticed that most of the websites that used to review HK films have vanished like a shadow on a dark night or simply gone mum. There was a buzz back then that seems to have evaporated. Maybe it was a fad in the West that ran its course as fads tend to do or perhaps the films coming out of HK over the past few years just have not been good enough to keep the buzz going. But HK Cinema was still going like gangbusters in 1969 from whence these posters came from.

Escorts Over Tiger Hills
Director: Wang Xinglei
Starring: Roy Chiao, Hilda Chow Hsuen
Production Company: Cathay

The Little Devil aka The Devil Warrior
Director: Chan Lit-bun
Starring: Fung Bo-bo, Nancy Sit, Adam Cheng
Production Company: Rong Hua Film Company

The Supreme Sword
Director: Ling Wan
Starring: Connie Chan Po-chu, Walter Tso Tat Wah, Sek Kin
Production Company: Wen Hua Film Company

The Single-Armed Holy Nun
Director: Chan Lit-ban
Starring: Lin Jing, Suet Nei, Yung Yuk-yi
Production Company: Kei Lun

Flying Thief White Flower
Director: Fung Chi-kong
Starring: Kenneth Tsang, Suet Nei, Sek Kin, Margaret Tu Chuan
Production Company: Gam Hoi

Have Sword, Will Travel
Director: Chang Cheh
Starring: Ti Lung, David Chiang, Li Ching
Production Company: Shaw Brothers

Black Bull and White Snake
Director: Lin Fu-ti
Starring: Jiang Qing, Tin Yau, Fai Wan
Production Company: Grand Motion