Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ellen Chan Photos

As I mentioned in my last post, I want to slowly work up to watching Asian films again but that in the meantime I will finally get up a load of photos of posters and actors that I scanned long ago when Bush was still screwing up in the White House. Today I will put up the remainder of my pictures of Ellen Chan. I saw with some surprise that she actually appeared in a film in 2012 titled Naked Soldier produced by none other than Wong Jing, who she had accused years ago of forcing actresses to make use of the "casting couch" for roles. Wong Jing? Who could have guessed.

Naked Soldier seems entirely appropriate though my guess is that Ellen is not showing much skin at the age of 47. But she certainly did a few decades earlier in such films as Fatal Love, Love That is Wrong, Why Wild Girls and of course the classic Eternal Evil of Asia. All these were done in the first half of the 90's after her career had stalled to some degree. Showing her points certainly gained her some notoriety but as it turned out did little for her film career. Not that being blacklisted after her comments on Wong Jing helped. But she has always been one of my favorite smoldering cuties from that period. Some of the better films in which she showed up with her clothes on are the first in the series The Inspector Wears Skirts, How To Pick Girls Up and Tiger on the Beat 2. One film that I have never come across a copy of that I would love to see is the 1988 One Way Ticket to Bangkok with Ellen, Francis Ng, Leon Lai, Pauline Yeung, Carrie Ng and Alex Man. Great cast. Why hasn't this ever shown up in any format I wonder?