Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sam Hui Movie Theme Songs

God, it's hot in Bangkok. Walking outside is like shoving your face into a microwave on the defrost setting. Daily living seems to consist primarily of getting from one air conditioned setting to another. It is so hot even some Thai's are visibly sweating. Adding to this is that the air con in my apartment is as lukecool as relations between Sandra Bullock and her husband. So with even less energy than usual, I haven't tended to this Blog garden and may not do so until it cools down to around 35 celsius (95 farenheit) or my air con is fixed. But it's easy to put up a little music, so here is Sam Hui singing 12 of his movie theme songs.


duriandave said...

Dang, that's hot! Is the high temperature cooling off the stand-off in the streets or is making folks more agitated?

Thanks for the sweat it took to post these songs! Sam Hui is always a fave.

Brian said...

Hi DD - things have seemed to ease off a bit and a political agreement seems possible - partly I think because the Red Shirts are just dead tired, hot and miserable. I think everyone just wants to be in air-conditioning right now.