Friday, May 14, 2010

Bangkok is heating up

And that's not the temperature. A few days back it looked like an agreement was about to be reached between the Government and the Red Shirts, but all hell has broken loose with the shooting of a top Red leader. From a friend's rooftop, we could see and hear from Lumpini Park all the smoke, blasts and gunfire going on. Earlier, I was on my way to see Ong Bak 3 when I realized that the Skytrain had been shut down and the streets barricaded. Soldiers are all over Farangland, well equipped but how well trained is to be seen. It was a bit worrysome seeing one solider leave his automatic weapon leaning against a wall and going off to buy some food at a street stall! Nice souvenir that would have been! If my air-conditioning was working better, I'd just stay home and order in - but I need to get out. Went to McD's for an ice cream cone and Farangland looked more like Zombieland - not a lot of people around. The oddest thing though that I saw today was a line of about 25 colleged aged farang females walking in single file with two chaperones looking after them. A class trip to Bangkok in the middle of a possible civil war? What genius thought that one up?


Anonymous said...

I just about to send you an email to ask how you're doing. Do you have an evacuation plan? (I'm only half joking.)

Patrick Galloway said...

What part of Bangkok constitutes "Farangland"?

ewaffle said...

Soldiers who have been issued ammunition for their weapons patroling the streets--that in itself would be enough to get me on the next plane to almost anywhere.

Particularly soldiers whose training is suspect--all it takes is a moment of panic or a misunderstood order for things to get chaotic.

Brian said...

DD - my evacuation plan consists of taking a taxi south! In the meantime I at least am well stocked with DVDs!

PG - my definition of Farangland is Sukhumvit from Soi 2 to Asoke, Soi 23,- just a motley jumble of bars, restaurants, hotels, food stands, tailor shops, junk souvenier stalls, pirated goods, go-go's, girls and tourists from Arabia to Australia. It is a bizarre little speck of territory that is both repulsive and fascinating.

EW - ya but it all sounds scarier than it feels being here - most people whether Thai or tourist are just going about their biz like on every other day - though the shooting is 5 minutes away by taxi.

eliza bennet said...

Thanks for the update and watch your back.