Monday, March 22, 2010


Thank God the Health Care Bill has passed. Now maybe all the Tea Party nutters out there can go back to doing what they do best. Sleeping with their siblings and masturbating with their guns. And now that it will pass into law, we can finally tell them that Yes, this is in fact a Government takeover of the health care system in the USA - soon to be called the USSA. By the end of the week plane loads of Chinese and Cubans will be arriving to take over our medical care services. And Yes, it is also true as your hero Glenn Beck said that Obama is setting up Gulags out west in which to place all the anti-government protestors. But in this case, the purpose will actually be to teach you to read and write beyond your current third grade level. And to think for yourself. I know it will be difficult but someday you will be thankful when you can finally get that job you have dreamed about bagging goods at your local Walmart.

 In celebration of this moment in time when Congress did the right thing for a change, I give you a touch of cheesecake.


Glenn, kenixfan said...

Still not sure what was in that bill but it's progress of a sort if for no other reason except showing what can be done with a political majority w/o the opposition party.

I'd rather Obama tried and failed than nothing, I guess.

Marc said...

OMG the girl with the sun glasses in the last picture is super cute, who is she??

Brian said...

GF - you don't know what is in it? You need to stop watching all those old Shaw films and read a paper! I have 3 friends this has already effected positively - 2 that have children who are in their early 20's but could not afford health care and can now get on their parents policy and one who has not been able to get insurance because of a pre-existing condition. And someday if my ex-employer ever changes their retirement policy and boots me off insurance I too will be able to get insurance as I would have had no chance in hell of doing before due to some health issues I have had in the past. And my 27 year old neice has had 2 seizures the past 3 months - I wonder what chance she would have to get insurance if she lost her job. This thing effects real people out there. People I care about.

Marc - yup, no one cuter than Aaron Kwok!