Wednesday, February 03, 2010

On Cruise Control

I am going into cruise control for a few days and primarily just putting up some pictures. When I went for Indian buffet last week I did my usual stop for the latest Bollywood gossip rags. These magazines are total rubbish for the most part and in general consist of stars ratting each other out or denying that they are having sex with their co-stars. I get them for that reason of course because I need to know who Kareena Kapoor is sleeping with (Saif Ali Khan if you need to know) but mainly for the pictures of the stars. The female stars. Now I could post some of the pictures of the men like Sanjay Dutt . . .

but I admit to prefering pretty pictures of pretty women and I still stand by my assertion that India has the best looking actresses in the world as of now. So over the next few days I am going to be very lazy and post some photos gathered from these magazines. But before I do that, a few other items of note. In the comment section of the Cinema Epoch post, Brian Hu was kind enough to mention an article he wrote on these DVD's two years back and knowing you probably don't read the comments as religiously as I do, I thought I would give the link here. It's an excellent article and gives a good map on which ones to buy.

By the way you may or may not note that much of the music that I had on this Blog has vanished for reasons I went into earlier - but through an amazing coincidence it has all shown up on another Blog run by who knows. So if you ever want to listen to some of that music, you can still find it here. And as musical company on this read, here are two fun songs from Bollywood.

I read over on Glenn's A Pessimist is Never Disappointed Blog that The Twins are reuniting for a concert in April. There is a God. We can only pray that Twins Effect 3 is in the works. Or maybe Just One Look . . . Again. The scary thing is that Glenn mentions that they are approaching 30 years old! How did that happen. One day you are a summer breeze, ten years later you may as well have a death curse. But wait a second. If they are almost 30, how old must I be? Let's not think about that. The Twins will be forever young. And forever cute. I figure if this is happening, world peace is not far behind and who knows maybe the Republicans will vote for health care reform! Nah. Let's not get crazy. Any way I for one am happy that Gillian is on her way back - what happened to her was a bad rap - I mean who hasn't video taped themselves having sex with Edison. Right? Right?

And then over on Asian Fanatics Forum, someone posted that Gigi Lai is two months pregnant and after having trouble conceiving for a while one thing she did was change her name to "Li Jia Er" which apparently phonetically comes close to meaning "my ovaries are open for business". A few other folks seem to think this story may not be true but most people were shocked that she changed her name. But this is what cracked me up. Her husband is Ma.

"Ma reportedly decided to buy another luxury residence for Lai as a gift after Lai was found to be pregnant and will bring her to pick out a place once the their child's condition is stable. Ma had previously bought his wife a villa, a yacht and a luxury car worth a total of about HK$17.2 million (S$3.1 million), spent HK$20 million (S$3.6 million) to expand his brother-in-law Lai Ying's beauty salon business."

What the hell. He clearly doesn't want a crying baby anywhere near him! Anyway, it is good to know that Gigi married well. Hong Kong actresses have their own 401K plans - marrying rich. Btw, I am changing my name to "Win Lottery".

Back a post or two I mentioned in the comments section that Dev Anand became very un-cool in the 1970's. One reason for this is he began an awful habit of wearing terrible head gear like this from Hare Rama Hare Krishna. Take a toke man. Your hat will look like a garden.

I made it to my first film of the year in a theater - $8.50 matinee showing! Sherlock Holmes. Ya, it's a bit late to talk about this film. Practically the only person in there. I enjoyed the film certainly even if the whole homosexual subtext was a bit much (wink wink). I mean, what is the big deal. Of course they were gay. Holmes and Watson were products of the British school system. Cricket and showers. But though I was caught up in the very neat reproduction of late 1800's London, I still had a nagging annoyance whispering inside my head  - why is it that every film just has to get louder and louder and faster and faster to please audience goers. Frigging video games are killing thoughtful film. This wasn't at all a smart film and Holmes was all about being smart in real life terms. A few weeks ago I sat down to watch some of the old Sherlock Holmes TV shows from 1954 starring Ronald Howard (son of Leslie) and there is actually more smarts in a 30-minute episode then in all of this film - but not quite as many explosions. Yet I liked the film and hope for a sequel, so what can I say? Best Sherlock Holmes film in my opinion - Murder By Decree. There are actually a bunch of Russian Sherlock Holmes films made in the late 1970's/early 1980's that I have been tempted to buy but have not been able to pull the trigger.

So the pretty pictures. Let's start off with Kareena Kapoor, grandaughter of the great Raj Kapoor. She used to be all curvy and seductive but for whatever reason has gone on the Cecilia Cheung diet.

Next we have Kajol, the actress who really got me into Bollywood films. She married, retired, had kids and has come back but without quite the splash I was expecting. That final picture is of her and her hubby - an actor. His watch must weigh as much as Kareena now.

One trend in Bollywood over the past few years is actresses who are willing to flaunt it and actresses who have the bodies to do so. Celina Jaitley and Sameera Reddy as proof in the pudding.

and finally we end with a touch of class as I like to on this oh so classy Blog! Aishwarya.


eliza bennet said...

Only Sanjay and Ajay??? You are not thinking of your female readers!

Pictures of Akshay Kumar pretty please.

And I'd certainly won't complain about pics of Rani Mukherjee.

I think Kajol's return was a big splash. Fanaa was a hit and her jodi with Aamir was really good (the film is also not bad, I liked it even better the second time)

She made the mistake of starring in her hubby's directorial effort (which was not a good film) but now is back where she really belongs (next to SRK) in the upcoming My Name is Khan.

I'm still angry at Edison for a lot of things one of them is that he caused HK cinema the loss of a very good actress, Cecilia Cheung. I hope that she will return to cinema.

Brian said...

Guys? On my Blog! Hmmm, I'll see what I can find. I really find the BW actors to be an uninteresting group of actors other than SRK. The new wave of them are either all mild pretty boys or these narcisstic steroid pumped nimrods who spend more time looking at their bodies than the girls. I once had a first date with a girl who spent the entire dinner looking at herself at a nearby mirror. Ok, maybe my conversational skills are not great but that is what these guys remind me of. But Akshay is from the old school and not bad.

Fanaa for me was eh. I forget much of it but wasn't the second half just idiotic?

Edison - well you know it takes 2 to tango. I don't really blame any of them for anything but bad luck and not thinking. What people do in their bedroom is nobody's biz but their own.

Glenn, kenixfan said...

I am careful when I post music. The MP3s I've posted so far have come from the band members themselves or from the label (as will the case with a post later today or tomorrow, LOL!); I am paranoid about that stuff online too.

I am partial to Nicol Williamson for my Holmes; I watched 7 Percent Solution due to the Nick Meyer connection after loving Time After Time and then read the book and then read all of the Conan Doyle Holmes stuff. I need to reread that stuff. I liked Downey quite a bit but Law is a bore.

I don't need to say how much I love Ceci and I'm sure she'll come back sometime -- what about all those meetings with Derek Yee last year that the gossip rags had pics of? -- if she's anything like her onscreen persona, she'll make a plucky return to screens after she has that 2nd (?) kid.

eliza bennet said...

Second half was hillarious but kudos to the actors that they made me cry during watching (twice!)

Your conversational skills are excellent and I agree that there isn't any good new male talent in Bollywood. Ranbir is a good actor but he doesn't have that "hero" vibe I like so much.

Unknown said...

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