Saturday, February 06, 2010

More of the Same

Just killing time and some more Cyber space.

Tragically, India had its disco era as well - I guess there was no escape from this - but some of the music and movies that disco influenced are a lot of fun. The most famous is Disco Dancer - a total hoot if ever there was one. Not to be missed by man, plant or animal. Here is the disco anthem that I dance to before going to sleep at night - I am a Disco Dancer.

And here are a few more Bollywood actresses who are hitting the silver screen these days.

Bipasha Basu almost singlehandedly brought steamy sex back to Bollywood a few years ago. During the 1990's Bollywood had gone very family oriented, but Bipasha was able to turn that on its head - sometimes playing the heroine and sometimes the villain. Many have followed in her lustful footsteps since.

Mugdha Godse is very new to the scene but made a big splash in last year's film, Fashion. A film which Beth Loves Bollywood has these kind words to say about "Fashion is among the worst films I have ever seen, any language, any culture, any decade, whatever. It's dreadful". Sadly, I already own it and I can't decide if that review makes me want to see it less or see it more!

Preity Zinta is just a doll - giant dimples you could fall into and a sparkling personality that shows up on screen. She also was one of the few gutsy actors who stood up and spoke out against the crime gangs who were trying to infiltrate the industry. I first crossed paths with her in Dil Se and I was mystified that Shahrukh turns her down to date a terrorist - but I guess eveyone has different taste.

Here is a cute video of her from the film Soldier, in which she falls unknowingly for an assassin. The dating scene is getting very difficult these days.

Another new face on the Bollywood scene is Neetu Chandra who has gotten the right wingers in India raging against her for doing a few risque photo shoots - one intertwined with another woman. But I would not say anything to her face as she has represented India in the International Taekwondo Championship. I say get her over to Hong Kong where she will be appreciated.

On to a few YouTube videos I tripped on yesterday. I have always had a weakness for the girl groups of the 1950's and 1960's - The Chiffons, The Ronettes, The Shirelles, The Crystals, The Shangri-las - lovely harmonic vocals about broken hearts and newfound love. But now I realize that there were Japanese girl groups as well and I am totally torn between joining the fan club for the Triangles or the fan club for the Candies. I feel all a dither!

The Triangles:

or The Candies.


Brian said...

I know, I know but I guess we all have a bit of the masochist within us! Before reading your review Fashion was just something I was going to get around to eventually - but now I have an urge to see a movie that you find so devoid of all that is good within the human race! It whispers to me. Watch me. See for yourself.

Unknown said...

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