Monday, January 25, 2010

Las Vegas

For the past few months I have been in a total retro mood - old movies, old music, old mystery novels, old pictures. I think I know why I have sunk into this deep pool of nostalgia to explore the past but I won't get into that. Just a sense of time passing too quickly. Steve was nice enough to send me the link to this Blog of historic photos and I have enjoyed looking at them. And it made me think of some photos my grandfather took back in 1962 on a trip to Las Vegas. Kind of interesting to see just how much it has changed since then. I just wish we had the same cars now though! I never was very close to my grandfather - partly because my family lived overseas for most of my first 17 years but also because he was a tough old bird who didn't have a lot of kind words for anyone. But he was a fanatic Boston Red Sox fan and I recall during home leaves listening to the games on the radio with him on hot summer days on the porch looking out on the backyard and sipping lemonade. My grandmother though was an angel. Not a cross word crossed her lips in her 89 years. For no particular reason, here are the photos I found of his trip to Vegas. I wish I had known them better.


Glenn, kenixfan said...

Red Skelton at the Sands!

Peter Marshall in Bye Bye Birdie!

Thanks for a glimpse of a bygone era a lot of us missed!

Brian said...

Recently I watched a few episodes of Vega$ from the late 70's before I realized it was pretty dull but the parts I liked were seeing all the names of the celebrities that were playing Vegas as Tanner drives by the casinos. For most of them my reaction is "oh I remember that name. I wonder whatever happened to them". Like Joey Heatherton. And as an aside in checking the dates of the show I noticed Urich died way back in 2002. I think I missed that back then. Kind of sad. But its also amazing how much Vegas changed just between my grandfather's visit and the late 70's - just incredible.

Glenn, kenixfan said...

I haven't bought the Vegas sets yet but, quite frankly, that is perhaps my favorite non-comedy US TV show of all time!

I can't tell you how cool that show seemed when I was 12 -- Judy Landers and Phyllis Davis also helped make it seem exciting!

My favorite episode somehow links up Strother Martin with Lauren Tewes from The Love Boat.

Yes, Urich was pretty damn cool. As a little kid, I saw him on SWAT as well.

I can't think of Joey Heatherton w/o thinking of Catherine O'Hara's Lola Heatherton on SCTV, of course.

Brian said...

Lola Heatherton? You have me on that reference. I need to see more tv!

Glenn, kenixfan said...

One of *the* classic Catherine O'Hara SCTV bits (though she did expand the character later)

I am a bit of an SCTV obsessive sometimes.