Monday, December 07, 2009

Just YouTubing Today

I actually spend next to no time on YouTube but I went there in seach for something that now I can't even recall - but while there I jumped around a bit to see what they had on some of my very favorite HK films and found a few fun things that I thought would make for a very easy lazy Blog post! And I wanted to see if I could embed a YouTube video as well. It should be easy since every one does it.

First up is Shanghai Blues, easily one of my top five HK films. Without context these two clips won't mean much but first up is this tiny little montage that Tsui Hark pulls out of his hat that has a perfect emotional resonance of war, remembrance, loss, hope, despair and peace - all in Tsui shorthand to the tune of Shanghai Blues. I basically went to the HKIFF earlier this year just to see this film on the big screen. I will put Sally Yeh's version at the end of the post.

Again without context the finale of Shanghai Blues won't mean much but it is a classic run for the train scene as the girl you love goes away thinking you don't love her- we have all been there - with Kenny Bee, Sylvia Chang, Sally Yeh, Loletta Lee and Woo Fung all making an appearance. Oh, and to make it really special it is in French!

Brigitte Lin in Swordsman II is breathtaking - probably her most iconic and memorable role as a man turning into a woman falling in love when she isn't destroying the world. This musical montage is all Brigitte.

Just a Peking Opera Blues trailer. The best film from Hong Kong and maybe anywhere. It always makes me smile to watch this.

And finally another one of my favorite films that I feel the need to see every year, Chungking Express. I am not sure who put these musical montages together but they did a terrific job. The first is to the tune of Be My Baby by the Ronettes and the second to U2's Where the Streets Have No Name.

And as promised, Sally singing Shanghai Blues from her movie themed CD - of which I will get more up at some point. Btw - Peking Opera Blues above is also Sally singing.


Anonymous said...

Where did those English subs come from on that second clip from Shanghai Blues?! I'm tempted to just go ahead and order the French DVD, but I'm afraid of being disappointed. I still think there's something criminal about the fact that Shanghai Blues has been released on DVD in France and Japan, but not Hong Kong (or the U.S. for that matter). What's up?!

Brian said...

Ya, the Holy Grail. And it used to be on Laser Disc for which I am grateful to have a tape copy from so why it never made it on to dvd is weird. Legal issues I have to guess but for years every now and then I hear some rumor that a dvd is in the works but its like a sighting of Elvis. One would have to expect that this was burnt from the French DVD and that they have both English subs and hopefully a Cantonese track! Listening to all of them speak French for 90 minutes would be peculiar - you would feel like drinking wine by the time the war was over!

YTSL said...

Hi Brian --

Re the Swordsman II music video: Don't know if you noticed but it really is all Brigitte in that it's her singing (as well as appearing in all those video clips)! ;b

Also, have I told you the story of a colleague of mine recalling at lunch one day that one afternoon back in the early 1990s, he was out cycling near the Bride's Pool area of Hong Kong when he saw what he initially thought was a ghost flying overhead -- only to realise after a while that it was Brigitte on wires (flying for a film)?

Aaaaah, Hong Kong back in that golden era! Though, of course, if I had a similar experience, I'd probably die of heart failure! ;D

Akiko said...

Hi Brian and YTSL,

Re Swodsman II video clip:That is not Brigitte voice, not her singing. 

YTSL said...

Hi YTSL --

Good to hear from you. That's not Brigitte singing? Too bad! :(

Brian said...

There is a comment on the Youtube video that this was sung by Sarah Chen. No idea if that is correct.