Tuesday, December 08, 2009

FYI - Film Titles for the Three Shaw Brother's Song Compilations

At some point I am planning on putting up a bunch of selections from three Shaw Brother's song compilations but thought it would make sense to include at least the film from which it came (forget the song title or the singer) but the film title is not on the CD in English. So I went through the time-consuming and eye-straining process of trying to match up the Chinese title on the CD with that in the HKMDB or the book The Shaw Screen: A Preliminary Study (though like an idiot I remembered having this late in the process). Much to my surprise I actually was able to do this and so thought I would put them up here in case anyone else has those CDs and didn't know the film titles. It is probably already up somewhere on the all-mighty Internet but please don't tell me if this is the case! This was a pain in the head.

But by doing this research it hit me again how many of the Shaw films didn't and may never make it on to DVD and many of them sound right up my alley. I think Celestial released the majority of the martial art films as those sparked the most interest and buyer dollars but in truth it was all the other genres that most intrigued me - melodramas, musicals, adventure, historicals. I remember that at the Chinatown DVD store where I spent much of my retirement money Paul used to kid me that he only ordered one copy of a bunch of titles because he knew I would be the only person to buy them! True.

 I was a sucker for anything with Peter Chen, Paul Chang Chun, Betty Loh Ti, Diana Chang, Lily Ho, Julie Yeh Feng, Angela Yu Chien, Jenny Hu, Essie Lin Chia, Tina Chin Fei, Betty Ting Pei, Lucilla You Min (pictured at top of page in the 1958 Love with an Alien) and two of Dave Durian's rightful obsessions - Fanny Fan and Margaret Tu Chuan. Yup, for the most part all the sleek sexy sirens of Shaw. And there are loads of films in which they appear that never made it to DVD - and of course besides those there are all the films made in the 1950's of which only a handful were remastered and none as far as I know of their Cantonese division usually starring Patricia Lam Fung (pictured above in the 1961 Manhunt) . Hey, Celestial I want to see films like Oh Boys, Oh Girls (1961) with Paul and Margaret or Three Dolls in Hong Kong (1961) with Paul, Pat Ting and three Japanese babes or The Lady and the Thief (1963) with Peter and Pat. I don't know if they are any good but I want them!

Greatest Hits

1. The Dancing Millionairess - 1964

2. Till the End of Time - 1966

3. The Singing Escort - 1969

4. Love Without End - 1970

5. Love Without End - 1970

6. The Black Forest - 1964

7. Hong Kong Nocturne - 1967

8. My Dreamboat - 1967

9. Swan Song - 1967

10. Moonlight Serenade - 1967

11. Moonlight Serenade - 1967

12. That Tender Age - 1967

13. Sing High, Sing Low - 1967

14. The Millionaire Chase - 1969

15. The Black Forest - 1964

16. The Black Forest - 1964

17. The Black Forest - 1964

18. Hong Kong Nocturne - 1967

19. Hong Kong Nocturne - 1967

20. My Dreamboat - 1967

21. My Dreamboat - 1967

22. Moonlight Serenade - 1967

23. Moonlight Serenade - 1967

24. Moonlight Serenade - 1967

25. The Warlord and the Actress - 1964

26. The Warlord and the Actress - 1964

Timeless Favorites

1. When the Clouds Roll By - 1969

2. Diary of a Lady Killer - 1969

3. My Dreamboat - 1967

4. The Second Spring - 1963

5. Till the End of Time - 1966

6. Swan Song - 1967

7. Love Without End - 1970

8. Song of Tomorrow - 1968

9. Song of Tomorrow - 1968

10. Come Drink With Me - 1966

11. Come Drink With Me - 1966

12. Come Drink With Me - 1966

13. Dragon Creek - 1967

14. Swan Song - 1967

15. Swan Song - 1967

16. Susanna - 1967

17. Susanna - 1967

18. The Rainbow - 1968

19. Forever Diamonds - 1968

20. The Enchanted Chamber - 1968

21. The Enchanted Chamber - 1968

22. Torrent of Desire - 1969

23. Torrent of Desire - 1969

24. Raw Passions - 1969

25. Love Without End - 1970

26. Flower in the Rain - 1972

27. Till the End of Time - 1966

28. Song of Tomorrow - 1968

29. The Second Spring - 1963

Romantic Classics

1. The Lark - 1965

2. Till the End of Time - 1966

3. The Black and the Blue - 1966

4. The Venus Tear Diamond - 1971

5. The Price of Love - 1970

6. Mist Over Dream Lake - 1968

7. The Singing Killer - 1970

8. The Lark - 1965

9. The Lark - 1965

10. The Lark - 1965

11. The Black and the Blue - 1966

12. Love Without End - 1970

13. Song of Tomorrow - 1968

14. Blue Skies - 1967

15. Dragon Creek - 1967

16. Unfinished Melody - 1969

17. Unfinished Melody - 1969

18. The Orchid - 1970

19. The Price of Love - 1970

20. The Price of Love - 1970

21. Love Across the Seas - 1973

22. The Joy of Spring - 1966

23. Till the End of Time - 1966

24. Poison Rose - 1966

25. Poison Rose - 1966

26. Lady Jade Locket - 1967

It is interesting (to me at least) that so many of the films that I associate with Shaw musicals didn't make it on to any of these CD's - Hong Kong Rhapsody being the major one but also nothing from Love Parade, Les BellesThe Yellow Muffler, Tropicana Interlude, Linda Lin Dai's Love Without End and many others. Perhaps there were more CD compilations in the works that were also dropped for lack of interest.

Here is one selection from Timeless Favorites - from a 1968 film called Forever Diamonds with Peter Chen and Pat Ting Hung that never made it on to DVD.


Glenn, kenixfan said...

I purchased my first all region player because of the Shaw reissues.

And in the first batch that I bought was Hong Kong Nocturne.

I echo your sentiments wholeheartedly.

If I had known that these were going to go out of print so quickly, I would have purchased more films.

Anonymous said...

I'm right with you that the SB films I want most are the musicals and melodramas. Since they're the earliest ones, perhaps they're in unsalvageable condition? I'd even settle for that bizarre re-dubbing and re-scoring they did for "Rear Entrance".

And don't get me started on MP&GI....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list, Brian! If you're taking requests, I'd love to hear Track 29 from Timeless Favorites (The Second Spring). It's sung by Margaret Tu Chuan and one of the few recordings she made.

BTW, send me an email (duriandave@gmail). I have a question for you.

-200albums, I'm half with you on your proposition. I thought they did a great job of re-dubbing the dialogue for Rear Entrance, but I absolutely hated the new music. It didn't fit the period of the film and was too new-agey.

Glad to learn about your blog! I'm looking forward to following the list with you.

Brian said...

Glenn - ya I understand that lots of the SB films are out of print now. The sense I get is that Celestial just lost interest in the films once they realized it wasn't the gold mine they had hoped for. I was fortunate in that I picked up everything I wanted when they came out - and when I had the money to do so!

200 Albums - I don't think its the condition of the film prints as much as the condition of the sales - those types of films just didn't sell very well. They clearly saw the martial art films as the money makers. I guess I should not complain too much - I am happy that they released some 400 films that I never expected to see in my life but once you get a taste you want the whole thing. And the Cathay films - same thing except they didn't even have the martial art films to balance the ledger - so it was a real loss for them and with so many great titles to go.

DD - next time I post I will include that song. My email is just: bdnaas@hotmail.com