Sunday, November 22, 2009

Some More Hong Kong Film Posters

Here are 10 more posters from that HK Film Archive calendar. They are from 1966-1967.

And in the theme of that period, here are two songs from Connie Chan. I picked up a CD of her songs from films but most of them are of the Chinese Opera variety which I really can't listen to for long before I reach for the aspirin. These two are more contemporary to the time. No idea what the song titles are or from which film they came. I hope these work as I am away from home and doing this on perhaps the slowest dial-up connection in the world and there is no way for me to test to see if they play correctly.


duriandave said...

Brian, both of those songs are from Girls Are Flowers (1966). Here's a review that my friend Cindy wrote for my Connie Chan site. The song she mentions in the review, "Streaming Tears", is the first one that you posted. And you can see the second song here, as it appears in the film.

Finally, that Suet Nei film, part of the Dark Heroine Muk Lan-fa series, is available on VCD, along with the first two installments. A nice overview of the series -- with pics -- can be found here. Highly recommended!

Brian said...

That is a great review of that series. Those can't have English subs though, do they? I am not sure if its because I have this slow connection but every time I try to access the Connie Chan site I get a "page can not be found" message. I will have to check out the song as well when I go home in a week.

duriandave said...

Sadly, there are no subs for the Muk Lan-fa movies, but even so, they are still worth watching. There's enough action that you won't be bored.

Hmmm... I'm not sure why you can't access the Connie Chan site. Are you out of the U.S. right now? Maybe the web host provider I use is being blocked for some reason?

Brian said...

Almost a foreign country - Washington DC! Tried again and I got the same message. It must be this crappy connection.