Saturday, February 28, 2009

Final Photos and HKIFF

This is definitely the last of the photos for a very long time. I promise! Not only because I have nothing left but also because at this point it looks like I will be off in Asia for the next nine months and there isn't much opportunity to scan over there! I leave in about 24 hours so this may be the last post for at least a week or two. As I get older, jet lag just seems to knock me off my feet for longer periods of time. But I am taking my usual assortment of DVDs to watch - loads of Shaw Brothers, some catching up on HK films from the past year, a bunch of Japanese films from the 1960's/70's and some old and new Bollywood. Not to mention a lot of old Hollywood films and TV shows. I always take way more than I ever get around to watching.

I took a gander at the line-up for the Hong Kong International Film Festival. Geez. I hadn't really planned on going this year with money being a bit tight but then I saw that they were screening three of my absolutely favorite films ever - Shanghai Blues, Peking Opera Blues and Mambo Girl. These are part of a retro on Tsui Hark's Film Workshop company and another retro on the films of Evan Yang who wrote or directed many of the better films for Cathay in the 1950's and 60's. There are lots of other treats as well too of course - the latest from Malaysian director Yasmin Ahmad, Wong Kar-wai's Ashes of Time Redux, Sion Sono's Love Exposure and something called Sexy Killer from Spain. The only bummer is an Egyptian film called Cairo Station made in 1958 that I once read about and would love to see, but it plays at the same time as Mambo Girl. So if I can find a hotel that doesn't bankrupt me, I may have to go.

The last picture show. Some oldies. Most of these I bought in Hong Kong. There is this small lane that runs below Hollywood Road which sells all the Mao paraphernalia you could ever want - but some of the small stands also have a smattering of old usually black and white photos of stars. I also have some from some books and I think I have hijacked a few from the Internet that I wanted to give a home to. So we have a few pages devoted to Bobo Fung, Connie Chan, Ivy Ling Po, Josephine Siao, Linda Lin Dai, Lily Ho and Candice Yu. Then I have a page of miscellaneous pictures in which I didn't have enough for a page for any actor. And finally a page of magazine covers of oldies where I could not identify the actor. If anyone knows, let me know please. I should know some of these but the brain cells are not connecting. Number 13 looks kind of like Ava Gardner but perhaps it could be Diana Chang?

Connie Chan - 1, 2, 3


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Brian!

I'm pretty certain about the following Not Sure stars:

2. Angela Yu Chien
5. Nancy Sit
6. Li Lihua
7. Lai Yee
8. Ouyang Shafei
9. Li Lihua
10. Ouyang Shafei
12. Pak Yin
13. Diana Chang
15. Connie Chan
16. Pak Yin
17. Landi Chang

And in the Misc category, I think the first Lin Cui pic might actually be Christine Pai. They can sometimes look alike. Finally, the last Yu Ming pic is Amoy star and singer Chuang Hsueh-Fang.

Have a great time in Asia!

Dr. Stan Glick said...


Thanks for these and all the others you've posted. I especially enjoyed seeing the pics of Ivy Ling Po. I had the pleasure of interviewing her a few years ago when she was in New York for a screening of The Love Eterne at The Film Society of Lincoln Center. She was a lovely and very classy lady.

Anonymous said...

1. Chiao Chiao

Brian said...

Thanks for the ID's - I will adj my pages when I have access to linking up my computer to the internet. Right now after a 30 hour flight I feel part of the walking dead - but its hard to complain - its warm here!

Glenn, kenixfan said...

God, Lily Ho was just awesome! Thank you! Have a good trip!

Unknown said...

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