Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And a few more

For tonight's course we have a mixed offering - some famous, most not so much. Ruby Lin who defined cute as a bug in a rug was famous mainly for being Sanney's obsession on his old HK Entertainment site - she didn't have much of a film career with China Strike Force perhaps being the biggest film she was in - curiously I just noticed that she has shown up in a 2009 Zhang Ziyi film called Perfect Life so maybe a comeback is in order - the question being a comeback from what - obscurity? Sally Yeh - yay - pictures never capture what a wonderful screwball comic actress she was - her only fault is being married to George Lam who may be the blandest actor alive. The marvelous Sammi Cheng who used to be everywhere before she did a disappearing act after Everlasting Regret in 2005 - but maybe a comeback of sorts with her doing Lady Cop and Papa Crook last year - it can't possibly be as dreadful as it sounds. Can it?

Sandra Ng is kind of the female equivalent of Eric Tsang - in her early years she got only ugly goofy friend or comic foil roles until someone gave her a chance to go serious and she blew people away with her acting skills. Sandy Lam is a great singer - not such a great actress and only appeared in a handful of films in the 1980's. Sharla Cheung Man - one of the underrated beauties of HK - wonderfully sharp features and sultry lips. Sharon Kwok is one I bet few of you have heard of but she was a delight to watch on the screen in such B fare as Outlaw Brothers, Red Fist, Dead Target and Fun and Fury made in the 80's/early 90's. Often played a dizzy babe who got caught up in trouble. I still see her in print ads and she still looks great. And finally Sherming Yiu who was kind of a minor cult star in a vast number of low budget horror films in the late 90's - Last Ghost Standing being the best - am happy to see she is in True Women for Sale (2008) which I just picked up on DVD this week.

Ruby Lin (16 picts)

Sally Yeh (10 picts)

Sammi Cheng (13 picts)

Sandra Ng (27 picts) - 1, 2

Sandy Lam (13 picts)

Sharla Cheung Man (21 picts) - 1, 2

Sharon Kwok (5 picts)

Sherming Yiu (13 picts)


Anonymous said...

While I know I should take the high road and gush about Sally Yeh's performance in Tsui Hark's brilliant 'Peking Opera Blues,' she will forever be immortalized (in my mind) for her title role in 'I Love Maria.'

I've missed Sammi too since her sabbatical (breakdown?) after 'Everlasting Regret,' which felt like her attempt at 'Center Stage' but never quite got there for me. I haven't seen 'Lady Cop...' yet but I have a bad feeling about it. I was just saying to Glenn a few weeks ago how the world really needs another Sammi/Andy romcom from Johnnie To and Wai Ka-fai.

You hit the nail on the head with Sandra Ng. I loved her goofy/comic roles in the original 'All's Well Ends Well' and 'When Fortune Smiles,' but I too was completely blown away when I saw her sharp dramatic turn in 'Juliet In Love.' The 'Golden Chicken' films are great in that she gets a chance to show both sides.

Steve said...

Just FYI, your last Sherming Yiu picture is actually Angela Tong.

Brian said...

Steve - you would of course be corect - I was just testing you!

Ctf - my favorite Sally performance is in Shanghai Blues where she is very cute and very ditzy though I Love Maria would be right up there.

The film that put Sandra on the critics acting map was Four Faces of Eve in 1996 where she plays four different roles - but I have to confess I have yet to put it on the dvd player.

Pete said...

Sharla's pix are stunning. Thanks for sharing them and reviving my teenage crush.