Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Three Swordsmen Lobby Cards

It's snowing here in New York City and I just finished up that biography on Neil Young so I thought I would get up a few more pictures. These are of a film called The Three Swordsmen that came out in 1994 and is almost unanimously considered one of the worst films ever from Hong Kong - especially taking into account that it had two giant stars. Wuxia films had been very hot for a few years but by 1994 they had fallen into a creative rut and this film pretty much was the final nail in the coffin until this genre was revived (though mainly in the Mainland) some years later. It stars Brigitte Lin and Andy Lau with Elvis Tsui, Siqin Gaowa and Yu Li giving support. Brigitte was of course a wuxia phenomenon at this time but some genius had the idea to have her play a male for the entire film. Of course, she had played a man turning into a woman in Swordsman II and a brother/sister in Ashes of Time but at least those allowed her to explore both her masculine and feminine sides. Here she is terribly miscast and dreadfully dubbed. This is probably a film to skip unless it is mandated by your prison warden.


YTSL said...

Remember getting so frustrated when watching this movie that I actually threw cushions at the TV screen! One of those movies that has claims to being The Great One's final films... so, really, it'd be nice if Brigitte came back from retirement just so she could end her career on a better note!

Anonymous said...

Havent seen it...and no plans to...but the cards make it look real nice