Friday, January 30, 2009

Continuing the Photo Parade

I continue to upload all my pictures of HK stars so that I can clean house and go away. You should know most of these actresses I would think except perhaps for Charine Chan who along with Fennie Yuen and May Lo acted in a number of teenage comedies in the 1980's and were termed the The Happy Troupe Girls. A word of warning - some of the Christy Chung photos are from that pictorial she modeled for a few years ago - no nudity (in the book yes, but not here I am afraid!) but certainly risque. I think the book was intended to give a boost to her flagging career but she seems to have vanished ever since. And every time I see picts of Cecilia Cheung I think how sad it is that her career went down in flames due to a stupid but private peccadillo. I was such a fan of hers when she first appeared on the scene. At the same time it is difficult to reconcile the girl next door image that she gave off with those incredibly skanky photos.

Many more photos to come.

Brigitte Lin (23 picts)- 1, 2

Carina Lau (32 picts)- 1, 2, 3

Carman Lee (20 picts)- 1, 2

Charine Chan (6 picts)

Charlie Yeung (10 picts)

Cherie Chung (63 picts) - 1, 2, 3, 4

Christy Chung (20 picts) - 1, 2


Glenn, kenixfan said...

Brian, you made my day with this batch.

Jason from was just commenting to me online about following Cecilia's career on Sanney's old site. It seems like there are a lot of us who were big fans of hers all along. I agree with you. She was such a good actress and fresh personality in Failan and Twelve Nights and other films, that I was a smitten fan. And like Maggie, she had so much potential and was doing many different genres all at once that it seemed like she was poised to be a great actress until the scandal happened.

As for Christy, I still she's just unbelievably beautiful but beyond Jan Dara, what the hell happened to her post-Feel career? The Medallion? Playing some English guy's wife in about two scenes? I think she was in Fantasia which was good but I can't recall her role being very memorable.

Brian said...

It's funny how when Christy was acting I always thought she was at best a middling actress with a great body and wonderful eyes - but if she were acting today I think she would be heads above the current crop of female actors. How things have changed - I don't think HK has had such a sorry group of young actresses ever - at least from the late 1950's on. And losing Cecilia and Gillian didn't help matters. I was a fan of Cecilia from her very first film with Stephen Chow - King of Comedy - she felt so fresh - but even before the Edison episode she seemed to be going way off track with rumors of drugs and a crazy lifestyle surrounding her. Still this was nobody's buisness but her own.

Steve said...

I think Cecilia would have been out of most romantic roles due to her marriage. The same with Kelly Chen, but then she was always a much better singer than actress.

There are fewer good actresses but there are also fewer films being made. There are also more Mainland-targeted productions which can bring in a Mainland actress who is usually good.

Everyone's list is different, but I'm still happy to see a film with Kate Tsui, Fiona Sit, Karena Lam, Angelica Lee, Candy Lo, and sometimes Charlene Choi. It looks like Hsu Chi is making a renewed effort in films, which is also a good thing.

YTSL said...

Would take a few actresses away from Steve's actress list. OTOH, one actress appearing in contemporary Hong Kong movies that's not on his list but which I have to say I have a lot of time for is Rene Liu. Also, am liking Stephy Tang the more I see of her. And so wish Cherrie Ying would appear in more (and better) movies.

Marc said...

The first picture of Carina Lau on this page is disastrous!

One of my favorite actrices working in HK is Zhou Xun. Karena Lam is also very good.