Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pictures and a Merry Christmas!

A Merry Christmas to one and all. It's cold back here in the good old USA and I hope I get some warm Asian weather in my stocking this year! Best wishes to everyone.

Sharon Yeung Pan Pan - 1, 2, 3


Buma said...

Welcome back Brian,
happy holidays to you too and hoping for a great Asian Film Fest in the coming year (as always) !!

Brian said...

It's always nice being home but this weather is a killer! Literally. I thought I was going to die the other die I got a chill so bad my body nearly collapsed. I guess I am used to 90 degree temps! Buma, I actually won't be a part of NYAFF this year. It was a difficult decision but I am spending so little time here that it just wasn't fair to my colleagues who were doing all the work while I basked in the glory! Plus Asian movies suck anyway these days. Just kidding. About Asian movies that is. While no doubt my good taste and wry smile will be missed I expect NYAFF to be terrific this year and I know that they are hard at work already like Santa's elves and some of the titles they are hoping and expecting to get are very exciting.

Buma said...

Wow, you are letting your baby walk on his own ?
Well, I guess you are entitle to a sabbatical after so many years of hard work.
I didn't realize work has already started on the fest. I thought you guys dont start planning til the new year.
Are you planning to at least attend the fest ? If so, let us know when so we can make an effort to drop by then and say hi.