Saturday, November 22, 2008

OK - back to Asian film

Not that I have actually watched anything lately or even kept up with what is going on other than checking in on Grady's Kaiju Shakedown Blog. So I fall back on my old standby, photos. I realized I have about 1000 pictures that I long ago scanned and never got around to posting. So basically that is all I am going to do till I clean out the cupboards and hopefully by then I will be in the mood to start watching Asian films again! These are all pictures of older Hong Kong film actors that many of you may have long forgotten. Some of them were never very famous in the first place. But I liked them anyway.

Anita Yuen - 1, 2

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Glenn, kenixfan said...

I for one am always appreciative of photos of Anita Yuen. I am just glad that others remember her as well!