Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bollywood - Girls with Guns

The dog days of summer has me in its grip, but fortunately not every one is as lazy as I am. Pete Y. (as he prefers to be credited) was kind enough to send me a terrific and unusual look at female action roles in the Indian Sub Continent. As he writes, this isn't a particularly popular genre in that film industry but there is still some of it out there for fans of this type of film. I have put it on my website and here is the link to it. I am soon off to Asia one more time, so this may be the last post for a while.


Steve said...

Looks like he missed Sherni (Sridevi) and Mehndi (Rani).

Pete Y said...

Hi Steve,

And many others I suspect! Despite what Brian wrote I was a bit lazy in delivering the article. As a result I rushed things a bit and omitted some films which should have been in there.

I'll check out the titles you've given. If I can get my act together there might even be a part 2 some time.


Pete Y.

Anonymous said...

what film is that still of the FBI woman in white from?

Pete Y said...

That is from Jo Bole so Nihaal. It looks like a publicy photo rather than an actual screen capture - it is quite some time since I've seen the film.


eliza bennet said...

Brian, so you are off to Asia again :) You remind me of migrating birds!!!