Saturday, September 29, 2007

More from HK

First, I think it is only fair to give Jacky Cheung's response to the growing furor around his and May Lo's treatment of their Filipino maids. He issued a statement that he doesn't treat them any worse than any of his friends and that it's only natural that he fires them from time to time. That certainly makes me feel better about him. Some other HK stars who also have maids at their beck and call are telling the press that the maids that work for them are just like family - who just have to work 75 hours a week.

I finally went off to see the Hong Kong Walk of Stars yesterday. The excitement almost killed me. I am not sure exactly what I was expecting, but somehow more than a statue of Bruce Lee and a lot of hand prints. Basically it struck me as a way of forcing people to go through a luxury mall to get there. Let's face it, most hand prints in cement look an awful lot alike and after seeing 20-30 of them they tend to blend together - now was that Josephine Siao or Michelle Yeoh who had the really hot hand print? At any rate, I did take pictures of many of them and will put them up one of these days for any hand fetishists out there. One would have thought the least they could do to jazz it up a bit and not make it a carbon copy of Hollywood would be to inlay a picture of the star with a little biography. Anyway, if ever you have to chose between going to the Walk of Stars or having a cold beer, I recommend the beer.

Over the next few weeks I am hoping to see a bunch of films - mainly at Pusan - though I admit their line-up doesn't strike me as all that strong and many of the films I wanted to see seem to have no English sub-titles - but I don't have the brain capacity to write lengthy reviews on each of them. So I am instead going to put out instant noodle reviews - quick and hopefully just filling enough.

Now I had planned to see Lust, Caution tonight and write one on that - but then I realized that it is opening in the states and there really wasn't much point in me throwing down my few cents when you have legit critics writing about it - but then after a friend at lunch told me today that Tony Leung's testicles make a guest appearance in the film I decided I would just skip it all together. I really don't want to see them on a gigantic screen swinging back and forth like a wrecking ball and making my head jerk back each time - I could end up with whiplash. Why Tony decided that after 25 years in the business he needed to display them to world is something I really would like to know. I certainly could have gone the rest of my life without seeing them and in fact may do so. And as far as I know these are not stunt balls - in fact Ang Lee has made a big deal out of hinting that the couple are really having sex on the screen. I bet that makes Carina Lau really happy. I did though read the short story (not all that short at 50 pages) by the great Eileen Chang and highly recommend it - wonderfully written with lovely detailed descriptions of Shanghai life among the elite back in the 30's - and nary a mention of testicles.

Next up will be two short reviews of The Sun Also Rises and the surprisingly good The Detective.


YTSL said...

Oh come on Brian, don't be a wuss! Bite the bullet and check out "Lust, Caution" -- I'm really curious to hear/read your take on the movie, especially seeing as you've already read the Eileen Chang book!

sbk said...


Agree with ytsl. Please see the movie and report back to us. Always enjoy your reviews....Also I'll spare you my obvious testicle jokes....if you enjoyed Eileen Chang's "Lust, Caution" I'd recommend "Love in a Fallen City" which includes several novellas/short stories some of which, like the title story, have been made into films.

As for the Walk of the Stars what I enjoyed most after seeing a few favorite actresses hand prints, which make mine look like a bear paw, was the view across the harbor or I guess harbour since it's a former British Colony....

Happy that you're posting again as I was beginning to think you'd been abducted by aliens or some of those live mealy worms from last spring's post.

Brian said...

I don't know. I guess I am an old fashioned guy who thinks a man's testicles should be kept out of the public domain. Maybe when its out on dvd and I can watch it on the small screen with the fastforward button at the ready! Right now though I have jumped up to China for a few days and then off to Pusan. I will pick up some more of Eileen Chang's works though - fascinating writer and fascinating life.

eliza bennet said...

>>>>>>Why Tony decided that after 25 years in the business he needed to display them to world is something I really would like to know.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

He is an actor and does what a role he accepts requires. Simple as that:)

And also why limit your cinematic viewing? I highly doubt that you haven't seen any porn and were unhappy about it, so why limit your artistic pleasure because of something like that?

Btw, you have seen The Wayward Cloud right? Or is it just Tony's testicals you are opposed to?? ;)

It is great to have you back, and I look forward reading your thoughts on any film you'd like to write about (also to read your Pusan impressions would be great too!)

Avenue of Stars is a nice walk with good views. It was fun to compare my handprint with Brigitte's and see that they are a perfect fit!!! (I sure was grinning like an idiot but don't worry I'll not turn "Joey" on you guys)

Brian said...

Am I the only sane person left in this world who doesn't think testicles do a lot of acting and aren't really necessary to the integrity of a scene? Do you think Ang Lee told Tony "Ok, this is the ball shot - be sure to give them the needed emotional presentation - a little melancholy, a little lust is what I want from them". And Tony being the consummate actor that he is tells Ang "I'll have to search in my mind for a memory that will give them the appropriate mood". Three women all supporting Tony's testicles - the world has indeed gone crazy!

Marc said...

Are you really so narrow minded that you make a big issue out of Tony Leung's private parts on screen or are you fooling us? You're not scared of your own balls are you? Go watch that damn movie! ;-)

YTSL said...

"I guess I am an old fashioned guy who thinks a man's testicles should be kept out of the public domain."

I'd be more sympathetic if you felt similarly about women's bare breasts and such... ;(