Friday, August 17, 2007

You know you are in Thailand

when two films at the multiplex center on transvestites and this isn't even including Hairspray which is also showing here. As far as I know Thailand is the only film industry around that has a genre around this subject and every year there seems to be a number of these that surface and do reasonably well at the box office. I am not quite sure the reason why though there is a rather large and very visable population of transvestites/transexuals all over Bangkok. The two films are Kungfu Tootsie and The Odd Couple. The latter stars Mok Jokmok as a transvestite helping out a Japanese cop find a serial killer. It has to be extremely politically incorrect and funny I would bet. Unfortunately, I got wacked by the flu almost as soon as I touched ground here and have spent much of the last week dosing myself with various medications and getting loads of sleep.

In the meantime, here are some pages of old Thai film posters. The book I scanned them from was all in Thai so I am not even sure what years they are from but I would guess the 60's and 70's due to the style. Like the Japanese and Korean film posters from that time they are hand drawn and full of detail.


sbk said...

Hi Brian,

Hope you get better soon and are able to see the transvestite movies. They look like fun.

I really enjoy all the posters and pictures you share with us. Again thank you.

The girl with guns movies look so cool. On your forays around the city do you ever run across any of the older movies for sale? Even without English subtitles I'll bet they're still fun to watch.

sbk said...

HEY, other readers, please leave comments and let Brian know how much you enjoy his blog.

eliza bennet said...

Happy to oblige SBK :) Actually I really do enjoy this blog and was thinking the other day how nice that B is now in Thailand so we have many entertaining reviews and pics to look forward to (no pressure B ;) )

Anonymous said...

i enjoy this blog