Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Yes - more pictures

I am honestly just not in the mood to watch films of any kind and definitely not in the mood to write reviews - so the picture onslaught continues for a while longer. Today the big guns - both figuratively and literally!

Stephen Chow where art though?

Just when I think I have run out of Brigitte Lin pictures a few more pop up!

Chow Yun Fat when he ruled the world.

Talking about big guns - Diana Pang Dan

And bigger guns - Amy Yip

and a few more of the Yipster but these come with a warning of a sexual nature. A friend either lent or gave me a pictorial book of Sex and Zen - I am not sure which - perhaps his wife asked him to get rid of it but in either case I thank him. Though these pictures are less explicit than many scenes that took place in the film as Amy was the master (or is that the mistress?) of never quite revealing her points, I don't want anyone trying some of these scenes at home and hurting a groin muscle. Picts.


eliza bennet said...

Yipppeeeee, a picture of Tony and Brigitte standing next to each other :) Thanks for this!

And Brigitte is indeed the most beautiful woman. Looks so natural and mischievious but at the same time one can sort of detact some sadness/melancholy in her (or am I imagining things?)

sbk said...

Again and again thank you thank you for the wonderful pictures.

Eliza Bennet, my favorite is the picture of Leslie and Brigitte.....

James Leung Man-Fai said...

I just found your blog. Very cool. I'm a big fan of Asian cinema, and I will read up on your posts. Peace.

Brian said...

Hi James - thanks for the post - right now I am going thru a pretty lazy phase in terms of writing up films and so am falling back on just putting up picts from various books or photos I have picked up over the years. But I will be back in Asia soon and hopefully that will inspire me to get back to writing again.

YTSL said...

Aaaaaaaaah, Brigitte!!! Though, more seriously, thanks Brian for putting up the pictures of more than one old favorite. :)

Re your favorite Hong Kong photoshop: Have been thinking of visiting it again myself. Can you remember what its hours are or, at least, what days it's now open?

Brian said...

"thanks Brian for putting up the pictures of more than one old favorite. :)"

Such as Diana Pang Dan!

I would suggest you wait for me to make your pilgrimage to the Photo Shop but it would be difficult for us both to fit into that space! Plus I tend to spend way more time browsing than you have the patience for. But last time I was there last year he showed up somewhere between 6pm and 7. if you go,let him know I will be dropping by later in the month.

Marc said...

Thanks for all of these pictures, they're great!

YTSL said...

Brian --

Diana who? Wonder what happened to her? ;D

As for the photo shop: Yeah, I don't think I would want to spend even 1/10th of the time there as you are most likely to do! ;DDD