Thursday, August 09, 2007

Quick Note

Like a goose going north, my migratory DNA is calling me back to Asia. I will be off tomorrow and I expect to be met by a brass band when I land. I will be hitting the usual suspects - Thailand, Hong Kong and Macau but am also planning to be in Korea for the Pusan Film Festival in October. Come on by and we can have a drink. Other than that, not a thing planned out except some good meals. With strong wings prevailing I hope to be back in NYC by the end of November. But in the meantime, I will be seeing a few new films and some old ones and blogging on them. My Esther Williams DVD collection is packed and I know that will excite many of you! Asia beckons like a seductive siren.

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maritess said...

Hi there! You are going to Pusan in October. That is great! I am going to Pusan too but it's just too bad that I'll be missing the Pusan International Film Festival. I'm going to South Korea on the third week of October for my birthday. My companion has to attend a conference in Georgia in the period that PIFF will be held.
I know you will keep us posted.