Saturday, July 21, 2007


I still have loads of photos of HK actors that I have picked up on various trips and not put up yet. So before I go back to HK and pick up some more I thought I should make an effort to get some of them up. So that is basically this week's job.

Here are some picts of Jacky Cheung - he doesn't seem to bother with films much any more unless it is something he really wants to do - picts 1 and picts 2.

And a bunch of Chingmy Yau. Is it just a co-incidence that HK film starting going down hill after she retired? Probably, but no one has come along since with that same combination 0f cuteness, vivacity and sexiness.

Talking about sexiness - Veronica Yip - one of many actresses from that period who married well and retired too early.

Another Yip - this one the petite and adorable Gloria - again married, retired very young but last I heard was trying to make an attempt for a comeback in film.

More to come later this week.


sbk said...

Enjoyed the photos of the HK actors.

Jacky Cheung isn't too good looking to my taste but he can sing....Like watching Chingmy Yau's & Veronica Yip's movies and agree they retired too early.

Look forward to seeing more photos of HK actors.

eliza bennet said...

Yeah I too look forward to see more pictures. Do you have any more Tony Leung Chiu Wai's? :)