Monday, July 23, 2007

More Picts

Eliza demanded some more of little Tony and Eliza gets what she wants! These are the last ones I have - so clearly have to pick up loads more next time in HK. My great fear is that the photo shop will be closed for good one of these days.

Charlie Yeung is making a comeback of sorts as well after her biz in Malaysia floundered. It seems odd though that they can't find big fun romantic roles for her anymore - I think it may say more about the present state of HK film than it does about here. Here are some photos of her from her heyday in HK film - picts 1 and picts 2.

I guess Michelle Yeoh is in some new sc-fi film that just came out - anyone see it ? - no action though from her apparently - there was no one better in the day - though her taste in attire still seems questionable at times.

And finally for today some photos of Carman Lee - she always looks so beautiful to me - another victim of today's HK film scene as she has been pushed into doing TV. Actually met a waitress last year who looked amazingly like her and almost proposed on the spot. Fortunately, she didn't speak English.


sbk said...

More wonderful photos. Thank you. Everyone looks so young and adorable. Especially like the ones with Michelle and Maggie. Please continue to put up more photos.

eliza bennet said...

Thank you thank you! Tony looks so carefree in these pictures (his entertainment personna is changed in years to withdrawn and moody) :)

He is so good looking as Zhang Wuji too!

Again thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

great pics,
did you get them from old magazines while you were in asia last year ?

i could see you hunched over at the back of one of those stores in mongkok poring over their old book/magazine

Marc said...

I've seen the Michelle Yeoh scifi film you mention, Sunshine. It's actually very good (looks gorgeous) and reunites Yeoh with Hiroyuki Sanada from her Royal Warriors days!