Wednesday, July 25, 2007

And still more photos

Still cleaning out my box of photos. To answer a comment from a previous post - these pictures were all purchased from a small photo shop in Hong Kong - a rather amazing place that is the size of a large closet but filled with thousands upon thousands of pictures of the stars all ready to fall on your head - basically from the mid-80's to the current day. The gentleman who runs the place has had it for 25 years, but I fear those days may be coming to an end as customers are a rare breed. I consider the store a real treasure and find it a little sad that the locals seem so uninterested in it. But, I would love to find a store with old magazines to go through. I remember one I came across in Wanchai a bunch of years ago but have been unable to locate it on recent trips or would love to find a store that had good film memorabilia but I don't think anything like that exists. Anyway - photos!

Of the many genres that were special to Hong Kong, I think I miss the great Girls with Guns the most. Here are two of their stars - the fan favorite Moon Lee and the lesser known but just as impressive if not more so in her physical skills - Sharon Yeung Pan Pan.

And let's throw in a couple more guys - Andy Lau who mysteriously only gets better looking with age and the many hair lengths of Ekin Cheng - 1 and 2.

And finally, one of my favorite actresses though not many others - I think she is smouldering at times - Carina Lau. The one of her with a cap on is pretty sexy to me. Especially if the "B" is for Boston Red Sox!


Anonymous said...

like andy, i think carina just gets better looking as she age...
do you know if it's true that she and tony had confirmed that they are indeed married ?

sbk said...

I enjoy the 1980's look with the big curly hair dos and those massive shoulder pads. When I see these pictures I hum the fast paced adrenaline producing music and imagine these women in their Girls with Guns roles.

Look forward to seeing more pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

Brian said...

Not sure if Tony and Carina finally tied the knot - I heard rumors that they had but never saw offical confirmation - but I have to admit that I have been out of touch with HK gossip for a while now.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Andy Lau does seem to be blessed with youthful genes.

Thanks, I don't think I will ever get tired of seeing pictures of him.

Carina and Tony, in some countries would be considered married already--common law.

James said...


You are so lucky to find these places not to mention these fantastic pics. I particularly like the Moon Lee ones - how can such a cute looking actress kick ass in such memorable girl with gun films as "Dreaming the Reality" etc.

As you say it is a real shame that shops like you found are going out of business. Next time I'm in HK I certainly intend seeking them out and patronising them.

BTW. I have been an avid reader of your web page for years and years. The quality is still excellent and is my Number One site for Asian film review and commentary. I used to run a GWG web site a while back. Whilst I realise your page is mostly personal and blog driven if you ever wanted an article on Bollywood GWG cinema let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hi James,

That sounds interesting. If you get a chance why don't you give me some more details on your thoughts for the article by email at: