Wednesday, June 20, 2007

NY Asian Film Fest Press Links

The festival begins in a couple days and amazingly tickets are being sold. It always comes as a surprise to us when that happens. The picture above is from the film Miracles on 1st Street - the second biggest box office hit in Korea so far this year. I really enjoyed it a lot but we got it late and we didn't have time to get screeners to any of the press and so it gets nary a mention. So I am pushing it wherever I can because I think most people will enjoy it - think Frank Capra in a really bad mood - and because I have a bet with one of my colleagues that it will sell a certain amount of tickets. $5 is at stake and how can anyone resist Ha Ji-won in the boxing ring.

Here are some of the press notices we have had so far plus a link to an article in Time Magazine about Hell's Ground - probably the least likely candidate that I would have thought Time would cover - but very cool that they did. That should be a fun night with the director here and Grady wearing a burqa.

NY Times

Village Voice

The Paper

NY Magazine - small mention

Time Magazine