Wednesday, June 06, 2007

New York Asian Film Festival Line-up

Hey, it's finally ready to go! There is one last film that we are trying to get but otherwise this is it like it or not. Later in the week the schedule and ticket information will go up. Please note that the festival is playing at two different venues and tickets have to be purchased separately for each. It's a pain I know but there was no way around it. Also, things are looking up sponsorship wise so we are feeling very good all of a sudden and are very excited about bringing all these films to New York City and having some fun!

To read about the films, go to the Subway site.


sbk said...

The film selection has a lot of variety to choose from. Yeah regarding sponsorship. Other blogs are writing about the festival too so I hope you're all feeling upbeat, excited and hope to see you soon.

Is this year's T-shirt is as fun as last year's?

Brian said...

Hi Sarah,

Haven't seen the finalized version - last I looked it revolved around I'm a Cyborg. Also remember to look at the Japan Society site for the second half of their festival which we are not involved in - they have a bunch of good films and I recommend Kamome Diner and Sway in particular.

Buma said...

I guess I misunderstood the cosponsor thing with japan society. I didnt realize their festival continues after yours, and those movies are not listed on your website.

Wow, that's almost 3 weeks of Asian film orgy. I hope my body can take it. Cant wait til you guys post the schedule so I can see how many I can fit in.

Glad to see such a positive post from you. After the last one (what happened to it? were the remarks or some of the comments too inflamatory ?), I was a little worried about the fest's fate. And I'm glad to see Hong Kong movies making a comeback in your festival.

Brian said...

I know - 3 big fat weeks of Asian films - people should go into training now to be ready for it. I think schedules for both venues will be up soon - its just a matter of our webmaster finding the time and of the venues getting the info on their sites to buy tickets. Hopefully by tomorrow.

As to the odeleted post - let's just say a funny thing happened on the way to the poor house - will have more information later but everything is good.

luna6 said...

Hey there,
I noticed a trackback from here and decided to peek at it. I am now vacationing in Korea, but at the time I was vacationing in Shanghai. Strange thing was I could not access your access, but I could via a web proxy. Looks like the great firewall of china has blocked your site.

Also great job on the new york film festival. Looks really good and if I was in NYC I would definitely check it out. Cheers

Brian said...

Maybe its my adoration of Hsu Chi that has China blocking my site! How strange - they must have this site confused with one that matters!

Have a terrific vacation in Korea. Have you seen Traces of Love - it made me really want to go some time - I had no idea parts of the country were so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hello Brian,afterwards I
I did see Traces Of Love and that one didn't win me over, but like you, the traveling through the small countrysides was something quite inspirational. In fact I plan to take a trip like that either this time or next time I stay here.
I know definitely while I was in Shanghai I could not access your site, but maybe they had blocked the entire domain (I didnt check that - thought didnt cross my mind until later). Good luck with your festival!