Saturday, June 16, 2007

Korean Posters - 1955 to 1989

A friend brought back a couple books with pictures of loads of Korean posters and he was kind enough to lend it to me to scan many of them. The books are in Korean so I am unable to say what the titles of the films are. It is interesting to watch how both the style of the posters changes with time as does the general content of the films - in particular you can watch as the films clearly take on more and more sexual explicitness as the decades pass.


Anonymous said...

thanks brian for yet another treasure trove! the early ones have chunks of japanese and chinese -- are these still domestic or did they get the rare overseas exhibit? so funny to see ahn sung-ki in his tight jeans, sex symbol mode. how time flies!


Brian said...

These posters are strictly out of a book - 3 of them actually - though I didn't scan any of the post 1989 ones - so there was no exhibit around these. I love the pre-70's ones when they were painted - posters to me started getting boring when they just started using photo shop. Seeing Ahn Sung-ki cracked me up as well. I didn't recognize any other actors except for the very last one - Park Joong-hoon.