Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Japan Cuts

As I think I have mentioned the New York Asian Film Festival is co-presenting many of the films with the Japan Society. But though the NYAFF comes to a merciful end on July 8, Japan Cuts continues for another week with many more great films, documentaries and shorts. Those tickets are also on sale. So sell some of your mutual funds and invest in Asian film!

I haven't seen most of the non co-presented films at Japan Society, but I highly recommend Kamome Diner and Sway with Joe Odigiri. The directors of both films will be present. To read up on these and other films they are showing, please go here.


Anonymous said...

what's going on with the MGFF at NYAFF Program ?
the website still has those showtimes as "coming soon"

Anonymous said...

is it true that i have to purchase each movie separately ?
but only let us use the same credit card 4X's a day,

i'm gonna need to break out a second card or break up my purchase into 2 or more days ?

Brian said...

The links for MGFF should go up tonight.

No - you have to buy the movies from each venue separately - so all the ones at IFC on one purchase and then all the films you want at Japan Society on another. Was that confusion from wording on this blog or the website? Would like to correct that if its the website.



Anonymous said...

i just dont see any options to add more movies into a shopping cart in the website,
is that option available maybe after I give them my credit card and get confirmation ?

Brian said...

Hmmm - let me find out for you. I haven't actually purchased any tickets myself but I sure would hope this option exists. If not, that really sucks. I will ask IFC and get back.

Brian said...


Well it seems that there is no shopping cart functionality at IFC. Sorry - that really sucks. Don't know if you live in the city but if you do I would suggest going down and buying at the box office. You would also avoid the $1 fee per ticket by doing so. Sorry about the inconvenience of this.