Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Wife is a Gangster 3 (Korea,2006)


Michael said...

Have you ever thought, as I have often, that the reason these kinds of films get so regularly bashed by internet critics is that it's seemingly fashionable to denigrate or be negative towards just about everything...instead of just simply sitting back and enjoying things for what they are?

I think the art of being a good critic these days is actually being able (and willing) to say or write something positive about a production - anyone can reel off a page or two of negative verbiage and try and portray themself cultured and well-read scholar with minimal care nor concern for anything less than what they consider art...;)

Guess this means that this now is another DVD that I will be buying! :D

Brian said...

Sometimes I do think that frivilous films such as this do get the short stick because people almost don't want to admit they enjoyed such a silly trifle. But that is often the intention of some films - just to be silly entertainment - so you have to judge it on its own terms. On the other hand I am sure plenty of people really found the humor grating and the action mediocre and so felt the film sucked! I admit to often being an easy audience for films like this.