Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Horse Sense

Horse Sense - "Sound practical sense"

Just a frivilous thought. I came across this term tonight for the first time in ages and it got me wondering why people don't really use it any more. Were horses smarter back when the phrase was in common usage or have people gotten smarter. But then if people are smarter how could we have voted George W. Bush in as President two times? In fact, one might question whether humans are losing I.Q. points as well. Two hundred years ago Thomas Jefferson was President - a philosopher, an inventor and the author of the Declaration of Independence while today our President proudly brags that he doesn't read newspapers. So what does that say about horses? Now, no one ever accuses George W. Bush of having horse sense certainly - but a horse's ass would be another matter all together.

Horse's Ass - "a stupid or foolish person."

Anyway, back to movie watching.

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