Friday, April 20, 2007

Hell's Ground Trailer

This Pakistani zombie/slasher flick is hitting the fest circuit and will probably be playing at the New York Asian Film Festival. So I figure it's never too early to start promoting it! The producers just put up what I thought was a really good - if longish - trailer on Youtube. As far as I know this is the first burqa wearing slasher iron mace wielding Muslim cannibal film but I could easily be wrong.

While on Youtube I came across a few videos of a film I just love and need to watch again - Hana and Alice. Here they are

What made me think of Hana and Alice was seeing the adorable Yu Aoi in Honey and Clover, a sweet gentle manga adaption of a circle of university students all in love with the wrong person.

Here are a couple of her:

from Hula Girls;

Also, here is a Village Voice link to a great review of the Thai film Syndromes and a Century, one of those films that I haven't had the courage to check it, but this review really makes me want to. It has opened here in NYC.

And finally just a heads up that everyone's favorite Asian Film blog will be back in action within the next 2 weeks - get ready to rumble again with Kaiju Shakedown!


Buma said...

Damn, i just removed kaiju shakedown from my rss feed, now i gotta add it back in again ?
tell grady to make up his mind ... :-)

Brian said...

I know, Grady is kind of like a NYC cockroach - no matter how often you kill one, there is always another one on its way.