Saturday, March 17, 2007

Udon (Japan, 2006)

After watching the film I can’t say I was hungry – in fact I felt full – but it put me in the mood to take some pictures of outdoor food vendors in Bangkok and on my walk back to the hotel I took some pictures. A month ago a hotel here received a lot of unfavorable publicity when it was learned that they were putting together one meal for food snobs that cost about $25,000 per person – talk about conspicuous consumption. As one fellow was quoted in the paper – “everyone here knows that the best food in Thailand can be found on the street” and Thai’s do in fact love getting their food from the little food vendors who usually specialize in a dish or two. A Thai once told me that as long as you have 25 baht (60 cents) in your pocket you will never go hungry in Thailand.

Food Picts 1


sbk said...


Great movie review, I'm sure I'll enjoy watching it.

Great food vendor pictures of tasty looking foods. What are your favorites? The fresh shellfish, veggies and fruit look so delicious.

YTSL said...

Somehow I get the feeling that the durians and insects aren't among Brian's favorite eats in Bangkok (or anywhere else in the world)... ;b

As for the movie: How does it compare to TAMPOPO?

Brian said...

Shoot - I saw Tampopo so long ago I can harly recall it I have to admit. This actually did rather poorly at the box office for some reason - again maybe too many noodles and not enough romance.

As to vendor food - glad YTSL could recognize the insects - often still moving - and yes I stay away from them as far as possible. They would probably be great munchies while watching a movie though!I usually stick with the satay, the corn on the cob, the many fruits. Have tried curries a few times and thought I would die they were so hot!

GoldenRockProductions said...

It definitely was a disappointment at the box office when considering the talent involved.

I just watched this last night, and I thought the documentary portion (the film boasts that it was shot on actual locations and actual udon shops) clashed too much with the dramatic stuff. It felt like they never found a real balance, and the whole tone felt like it would've made a better TV movie rather than a theatrical one. I enjoyed it, nevertheless.

eliza bennet said...

I love Udon noodles so I think I'll enjoy this film :)

The pictures were great but somehow never raised my apetite (maybe it is due to the fact that I don't really like Thai food - but I sure want to give that hot curries a try now, solely to taste their hotness level)

Brian said...

"but I sure want to give that hot curries a try, solely to taste their hotness level"

Just be sure to have your hospital coverage paid up! I eat a lot of spicy food but the two hottest I have ever come across - to the point of extreme pain - was a curry in Sri Lanka when I was a youngster and a Thai curry from one of these vendors.