Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Bodyguard 2 (Thailand, 2007)

I saw this film at the Paragon Mall – one of those very high class malls filled with designer shops and lovely sales women. Though the place is quite crowded, I rarely see anyone actually ever buying anything in this place – it is just way too expensive for most Thai’s (and me). It does have a Famous Amos cookie place though in the basement that I make much too much use of. The cinema is quite a piece of layered cake as well – one of the nicest I have ever seen. They put up great displays of films – here are some pictures.

Also for no real reason other than I took them – here are a few pictures of Phnom Penh from a week ago. It’s an interesting place though one perhaps hard to recommend to most tourists. My first and to some degree lasting impression of the place is that it needs a really good dusting and a paint job, but its fascination lies in how it feels like walking through time to what many major Asian cities were like 40-years ago before skyscrapers dominated skylines and fancy malls were everywhere. It is a city of small shops, decrepit apartment buildings, broad streets crowded with thousands upon thousands of motorcycles, crumbling sidewalks that are used as parking spots, fruit vendors and so many bustling people. This was so different from when I was there seven years ago and there was no electricity – no traffic lights (though they still treat these as a courtesy rather than a rule) – no restaurants – and very little work. The city is really coming alive and it’s great to see it after all those terrible years of turmoil and genocide.


Curtis said...

Bodyguard 2 is a prequel in terms of the storyline of Mum's character. Apparently, Khamlao is the father of Mum's character in the first film.

However, in terms of satire and comment on Thai pop culture, chronologically it is a sequel.

I saw it at Paragon as well. Nice place.

Brian said...

Really? Had no idea. So I guess he and his wife finally have some sex!Thanks for that info.