Tuesday, March 13, 2007

An Answer to a Question

Back in September I posted a rather mocking phony Q & A with President Bush (at the end of The Host review) in which I asked him why in the face of this being the battle of Civilizations of our Time he was asking no sacrifice from the American people other than the soldiers. I was being sarcastic and unfair as I have just learned. I apologize. It turns out that in January Jim Lehrer from PBS asked Bush the same question. His answer was inspiring and it shames me that I doubted his sincerity.

"Well, you know, I think a lot of people are in this fight. I mean, they sacrifice peace of mind when they see the terrible images of violence on TV every night".

Wow. I had no idea I was giving so much to my country. In fact, the other night I was watching the Iraq war news on CNN and during a commercial break I got up to get something to drink and really badly stubbed my toe on an insurgent bedpost. It hurt for a good fifteen minutes. Now I know it was at least in the service of my country. I wonder if I can get a Purple Heart? Thanks George for making me feel a part of this. There I was feeling sorry for the soldiers we sent in harms way without proper training for urban guerilla war, without proper equipment, without a battle plan and now we learn without proper care at home. Well neither did my toe.

I almost wish this was 100 years ago when you could drag a man out on his lawn and horsewhip him. God does he deserve one. And then put him up at a hospital room at Walter Reed where he can lay with the garbage and the cockroaches. This man has no shame. The one thing that puzzles me is how he still receives approval ratings around 29% in polls. Who are these 29%? Has inbreeding really made such inroads in America? Does he have to have anal sex with Dick Cheney in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue at noon for these people to disaprove of his performance?

On to another subject. Traveling around Asia one can't help but come into constant contact with complete asshole foreigners - they are everywhere. A small instance happened today that annoyed me so much. I went into an internet cafe and some very imposingly large falang was giving the tiny femaleThai cashier total shit for charging him a whole 5 baht too much - that's about 15 cents - and giving her grief for her poor English. Can't we just shoot people like that? Sadly he was an American - most times I come across wankers like this abroad they tend to be British or German. And almost always soccer fans!

And a lesson to be learned. A Swiss man in Thailand was found guilty for defacing some pictures of the King while in a drunken state. He faces a possible 75 years in jail. So while in Thailand the next time you are drunk and feeling like doing something stupid - kill someone - it will be a lot less time in jail for you.

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