Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Quick Personal Note of No Particular Interest to Anyone but Myself:

A little over a week ago I woke up in my New York City apartment and looked out on another dreary damp day where everyone looked as if they were extra’s on a Dr. Zhivago remake. Not snow, just lots of cold thrown at you like a good hard fastball. I hate the cold and I hate winter and so I thought to myself why am I here if I don’t have to be. Good question. So I magically transported myself once again to Asia and will be here for the next six weeks or so. I am not exactly sure what I will be doing but it was very nice lying by the pool this morning sucking up the sun like an over ripe melon. That alone is enough to make me happy to be out of New York right now. That and the nice curry I had for lunch. So hopefully I will get a chance to see a few Asian films in the theaters and report them back to you.

I’ve never read a Stephen King novel and have no intention of ever doing so, but I am definitely a fan of his. First, he is a fanatic Boston Red Sox fan and secondly he had this to say to Newsweek when asked what things he wanted to do with the rest of his life, “To live to see George W. Bush tried for crimes against humanity”. Amen to that. If Newsweek had asked me, I would have added Dick Cheney and a date with Hsu Chi to that list.

Reading right now:

Bedtime reading: The Shaw Screen – A Preliminary Study – a great series of articles on the Shaw films from the Hong Kong Film Archives. It’s informative stuff but for some reason after 5 pages I get sleepy but then that might be jet lag at work.

Pool reading: Jane and the Ghosts of Netleya Jane Austen Mystery. Wow – who would have thought that there was a series of Jane Austen mysteries in which she solves crimes and is told in the first person narrative? I’ve been on a small Jane Austen movie kick for a while and was reading Sense and Sensibility before I accidentally left it behind in New York. I bought two of these novels yesterday and hope they are good.

Poolside music listening: Belle and Sebastian – “Push Barman to Open Old Wounds”. For the past 8 months or so I have probably listened to Belle and Sebastian 50% of the time. I find their melodies and nasally vocals addictive. When not listening to them I find myself generally putting on either Neil Young or Saint Etienne. Odd how limited my musical choices have become as I have gotten older.

Odd Scene I came across today – a perfume fair with some 150 women of all ages and sizes lined up to smell loads of various perfumes as they jostled and pushed one another to get to the next odor. It made me realize just how different men are from women – the only thing that came to mind that could make men behave similarly was an autograph session with Pamela Lee Anderson.

To those who come to the New York Asian Film Festival: Just to let you know that we will in fact be back this year – something that was by no means definite but we decided to suck it up one more time and see if we could manage not to lose our shirts again! We already have a list of over 150 films that we want to take a look at and cherry pick the very best – or at least the ones that they let us show! Lots of movies to watch over the next three months and I wish I could outsource it. People sometimes tell me how lucky I am to get to see so many films that never show up on DVD or at festivals – I tell them there is usually a reason that they never show up – they are awful and at times you think your head will explode if you see another bad movie about teenage love or crazy serial killers. Nevertheless, we begin the long march.


Buma said...

I hope you get some Hong Kong flicks in the mix this time.

Will you be looking at Indian movies again, or are you guys a little gun shy after last year ?

YTSL said...

On a nitpicky note: It's Jane Austen, not Jane Austin! (On a nostalgia note: Seeing that "Austin" there got me thinking of Steve... ;D)

Brian said...

Buma - I hope so as well re: HK films -a few are on our list at this point but it wasn't a great year and the Johnny To films that we would have been excited to show - Exile and Election 2 - will already have played NYC. As to the Indian films - not a chance in hell! Not only because no one showed up last year and the distibutor dicked us around (best news I heard recently was that the film that never showed SHIVA was a complete bomb in India)but Imaginasia plays all the good ones for weeks so there isn't much point in us showing them.

YTSL - must be your browser that misspelled Austen - I would certainly never do so! I told you my brain was turning to mush.

YTSL said...

Brian --

Naughty, naughty, and glad to be of editing service to you! ;b

YTSL said...

Brian --

Tsk tsk, and glad to have been of editing service to you! ;b

Unknown said...

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