Tuesday, February 20, 2007

King Naresuan Parts I and II (Thailand, 2006/2007)


YTSL said...

Thanks for the reviews. You've got me interested in checking out some Thai movies again after I "burnt out" early last year with a bunch of sub-par efforts and THE INVISIBLE WAVES!

Now I just hope that the KING NARESUAN works will make it either into Malaysian cinemas or on to DVD with English subtitles and unedited (unlike the case with poor ol' SURIYOTHAI -- the original version of which I consider superior to the cut LEGEND OF...)

Brian said...

Well sadly its been a really bad period for Thai films over the past 18 months - this after it seemed as if they were making some real strides into making their industry one of the top ones in Asia. Not sure what has caused this but hardly any thing worthy came out last year and so far this year has had hardly any releases - partly due to this film admittedly. But if you liked Suriyothai - which I know you did much more than I - you should love this one. My major complaint against Suriyothai was the characters felt so bloodless - I thought I was watching a movie made for the History Channel - but this one is much more personable - not so much Naresuan - but all the side characters are ones you really care about and my heart was in my stomach in that last battle as they charged into swarms of oncoming enemy.

Manik Sethisuwan said...

Lets look at this film from a hollywood perspective. Naresuan 1 (or Alias 1) was a great film, a beautiful drama, the story of three kids one of them whom we know is destined become the ruler of the country. It was a great film. Naresuan 2 (or Alias 2) however, is basically just a war movie, and, it is terrible. It was absolutely horrible in the sense that as being a war movie, it never came close of giving one the feeling of thrill or passion that one must feel with the battle of such scale. Most of the scenes are more then fifty-percent slow motion. There is not speed, it feels slow, lagging, and BORING! I don't know who compared it to Lord of the Rings, well, goodness, but I think if this movie was not made by the Prince, I can't barely imagine the horrible ratings it would get by hollywood critics.

Brian said...

Its always interesting to see how 2 people can see something so differently! I found the battle scenes quite exciting and just the feeling of size compelling. I am curious whether your opinion is a common one among other people in Thailand? At the screening I saw of KN2, the audience stood up and applauded at the end. Thanks for your post.

Manik Sethisuwan said...

nah.. just because of the hype given to it and all that i was actually comparing naresuan 2 with films like lord of the rings, saving private ryan, gladiator, or even troy, i mean war movies of which one might measure the scale of. besides, ofcourse, they would applaud, take out all the thais from the theatre, put in arabs, americans and europeans and make them sit 3 hours. i mean, do you also think that one can put this particular movie naresuan 2 alongside all those other movies, i mean, thais never stood up and applauded an oscar movie so far i remember.

btw or should we strictly remain to national level, then we comment on a national level, in that case this is the best movie thailand ever made. koreans and japanese and indians have perhaps made better in terms of audience and box-office over the decades?

Manik Sethisuwan said...

this is the best thai movie ever made, and this is 2007 march. if the americans have made the godfather movies since 30 years ago and those are considered their best, so can't we give thailand another 30 years before comparing thai movies with them americans?

i'm just dumbfounded coz someone compared these movies to be the same level as lord of the rings and i'm trying to hunt down that url but anyways.

another thing annoys me really is why cant they atleast leave open a single hall to screen those other movies at same release time such as babel, pursuit of happiness, the queen, etc, i mean shutting down all the other movie releases so that its naresuan across the board leaves the viewer with no other choice, i mean.. like takes away the freedom of choice, becomes a force majure, u gotta watch it or else go away.

Anonymous said...

Its a shame that such a beautiful Thai culture cannot be shared to the world do to money or language barriers of the world as we know it. Kingdom of war 1 and 2 where such awesome film to be enjoyed both in its cinematography and story line its a shameful day when movie studio's block subs to be produced on such a expansive bust of knowledge to the area such as this movie brought to the world.

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