Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Photos continue for want of anything better

Ten bonus points for guessing who this picture is of! I recall showing it to YTSL in Hong Kong and she was stumped for a bit. He later became both quite the heartthrob as well as a target of derision for many. Just picture him with a bit longer hair! Here are ten pictures of him. More bonus points if anyone can recall the film that he and Wu Chien-lien (also pictured) were in together.

Photos 1

Photos 2

Here are another set of lobby cards that I scanned. The film is "Call Girl 92" and it had a rather wonderful female cast. It starred Veronica Yip, Carrie Ng, Sharla Cheung Man and Cecilia Yip. It is a proud member of that uniquely Hong Kong film genre - prostitute dramas. After walking around the city and seeing the omnipresent massage parlors, hostess bars and even receiving the occasionally friendly offer from lonely elderly women near my hotel I am not surprised that Hong Kong has had more than a few films about them! The best in my opinion are "Girls without Tomorrow", "Profiles of Pleasure", "Queen of Temple Street" and "Golden Chicken". There are 14 pictures on two pages.

Call Girl 92

Finally for your viewing pleasure are just some scans of Japanese film posters. These are from a few books I picked up a few years ago when I could afford them! I think they went for about $60, but I love their art work - especially in the older films from the 60's and 70's. There is just so much detail. I especially like the one of Ken Takakura getting off of a Pan Am flight with his sword. These books are in Japanese and so I am afraid I have no idea what the title of the films are. Some of them look incredibly cool but chances of there being a version available with English subs is probably quite small. If anyone knows any of the titles I will gladly add them to the scans.

Posters 1

Posters 2

Next up I think are a load of black and white stills from Hong Kong stars in the 60's and 70's. I picked up a book of them that is in Chinese and would love some help in iding some of them.


edmame said...

wow wow, ekin was once a mere mortal just like the rest of us. tee hee! i have a feeling the ekin cheerleaders @ lovehk will be eating up these gems.

& gazillion thanks for the jpn. posters. it's rare to see such cool images of wakayama as the lead. i happened to go through the extra features on Yakuza Papers last night. to drop in & see posters from the transition they were talking about (of gentleman tough guy (takakura) to lawless survivalist (sugawara)) is a great treat. because the humanity from the movies are so fresh & universal, and puts you squarely in the postwar jpn experience, it's hard not to see these posters as more than just as cool relics. i'd identify with the characters so much that these posters rather feel like a plausible self-reflection, as they certainly were for the postwar jpn audience.

then it gets too heavy & i happily drift back to ekin for a brain chill...

Brian said...

A mere mortal - I like that - one always assumes he was born with his flowing lustrous mane of hair but at one time he was as goofy looking as most of us are. Same goes with Andy and Tony and I will get a few of their early ones up this week as well.

I love these Japanese posters and will get up a bunch more of those as well - when I see them I instantly feel like I would trade a nephew or niece for a chance to see the film. Its great that at least a few are coming out these days finally but its such a tiny pct of them.

I've had the Yakuza Papers sitting on my shelf for a while now but it is so intimidating to look at. You should watch some of the early Hibari Misora films for a very different version of postwar Japan - sort of like Shirly Temple walking through the ruins of Tokyo singing her heart out.

Unknown said...

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