Thursday, January 11, 2007

More Pictures

I actually tried to break orbit out of my extreme ennui today by finally deciding to to see "Curse of the Golden Flower". But I didn't really want to. I love Chow Yun Fat more than I can say - at one time I thought he was the coolest man alive - that honor now belongs to Edison of course - but the idea of seeing him in a wuxia historical trying to fend off the breasts of Gong Li has left me cold. What is with that cleavage anyway. She looks like a pissed off Jessica Rabbit. If women really dressed like that back then how on earth did men get anything done. Maybe they didn't. But are they real or CGI I wonder? Yet I never made it. I needed to do a little shopping first and after that felt I should leave Curse for another day. I haven't read a single review or comment on it. Is it suppose to be good? I am still amazed that this film opened in Asia and the US at the same time. Has that ever happened before with an Asian film? It feels rather important somehow - one sign of globalization at work in a good way. So instead I watched another episode of "Police Woman" - Angie goes undercover as a gym teacher in short shorts. Pretty harrowing stuff, but her cleavage doesn't come close to that of Gong Li's.

After listening to the President and his latest shot in the dark, I decided to do some more scanning. Scanning is very harmonious and therapeutic. It makes me feel at peace with the world. Is there anyone out there that really believes anything this man says anymore? If so, why? Please read "Fiasco" and see if you don't want his whole administration on trial for crimes against humanity. If any other nation in the world had invaded a country for reasons that proved to be lies and caused the death of thousands upon thousands of people the leader would be in the docket at the Hague but instead Bush is on TV like a flimflam salesman. "Believe me this time and you will have freedom and democracy in Iraq". The only problem with this is that the people in Iraq don't want democracy - never did - they want power, they want revenge, they want the Americans out.

Anyway some more pictures.

First up is the sleazy but rather enjoyable 1993 female action/exploitation film "Women on the Run". It is about 2 women who basically are screwed in every way possible but who get even - very even. These are some lobby cards. I wrote a review of this a while back.

Women on the Run

Next are some publicity cards that were sent to me for the Korean film "Blue Swallow" from 2006. Before this was released it received a huge amount of publicity and then quickly died at the box office when the public learned that the film showed the protagonist co-operating with the Japanese - not a good thing apparently for the Korean box office. The film is a biopic that details the life of Korea's first female pilot in the 1930'a. The character PARK Kyung-won is played wonderfully by JANG Jin-young. I brought no agenda or expectations into this film and thought it was wonderful for the most part - it drags at times - but has an emotional kicker of an ending that is shattering especially with the knowledge that it really happened.

Blue Swallow

A while back I came across some orphan postcards in the old Music Palace and decided to give them a home. Only five of them sadly but three are of Brigitte Lin from "Deadful Melody" and two are of Chow Yun Fat from "Treasure Hunt". Both lesser films in their filmography, but "Deadful Melody" has the added pleasure of Yuen Biao and "Treasure Hunt" that of the lovely Wu Chien-lien. Both are solid and enjoyable but far from classics.


This reminds me that I picked up a ton of pictures of Chow Yun Fat in Hong Kong - some rather amusing ones from his early days in TV - and I will get a bunch up in the next day or so.


Anonymous said...

CYF does not try to fend them off. LOL

edmame said...

edison as heir apparent to CYF...why, of course!

'preciate the blue swallow postcard. very happy memories from the movie...

btw, i enjoy your sober, rational take on current state of the admin. many similar viewpoints tend to make readers want to strangle themselves, but nothing's worth that kind of trouble...except getting to fend off gong li's breasts.

in a manner of speaking!

Brian said...

If only I had the opportunity to fend off Gong Li's breasts! No one has an answer for Iraq it seem - so maybe what they need to do is send Gong Li in that outfit to negotiate a deal between the factions - I mean what man could say no to her?

Brian said...

I forgot to mention that I actually got into an argument today with two of my Subway Cinema cohorts about Blue Swallow as they thought it sucked and I thought it was overall pretty good - so nice to see that at least one person agrees with me!

edmame said...

hey man, blue swallow needs all the love it can get! the male lead's performance, for some reason, reminded me of gary cooper's john doe. or some such classic hollywood romcom boy. so charming. female lead is just precious. she's like a hayao miyazaki heroine come to life!