Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Battle of Wits Photo Book

I believe the DVD for Battle of Wits is going to be making an appearance soon so I thought I would scan in some pictures from a photo book of the film that I picked up. At the time I hadn't actually seen the film and am not sure I would have bothered buying this if I had. Not that Battle of Wits is a bad film - it has many good aspects to it such as the large scale battle scenes, the high production values and a refusal to give in commercially to flying swordsmen by keeping the action fairly realistic. But it still manages to be solidly dull due primarily to a stiff upper lip performance from Andy Lau as the warrior philosopher do-gooder sexually abstaining hero of the film. There is also a romance that is so limp, melodramatic, corny, gender insulting and out of place that it literally had me trying to control my chortles in the theater. Nevertheless, it is probably worth picking up the DVD when it comes out.

16 photos of it.

And just because I promised to - here are some more scans of 10 Japanese film posters:

Posters 1
Posters 2

Every blue moon I take a look at what words people put into the search engine on my web site out of curiosity and the occasional laugh. So I am still trying to figure out what the person or persons who came to a site called HK Cinema: View from the Brooklyn Bridge expected to find yesterday by entering "testicle castration" or "bondage tools" or " "Christy Chung lesbian scene". Ok - the last one sounds reasonable and if someone knows something about that I would love to know!


Anonymous said...

"Christy Chung lesbian scene"

There may have been one in Jan Dara.

Brian said...

Very good! I had completely forgotten that and was thinking more along the lines of the lesbian scene in Hong Kong. I guess that shows where my mind is!

Anonymous said...

I would guess it is the video of her in a nigthclub making out with a girl that was "leaked" around the time one of her pictorial books was released.
She did play a lesbian in a 90's comedy with Lau Ching Wan in which she has his baby but I don't remember the movie title.