Saturday, January 20, 2007

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Hong Kong film has been dominated by a few male stars for nearly fifteen years and there is no sign that this will change any time soon. This is partly because they have so much appeal, partly because they actually seem to be getting better with age and partly because no one has come on the scene that can remotely challenge them. This last reason is a bit problematic for an industry that has been going through some down times for a while and could use some new fresh charismatic men. But instead you basically get a bunch of kids who huff and puff and then vanish like smoke in the wind. But these three always come though - Andy Lau, Tony Leung Chiu-wai and Stephen Chow. My guess is that if you added up the box office of their films over the past five years it would be a huge percentage of the overall tickets sold. All three of them started back in the 1980's learning their trade at TVB - and by the 90's had become film stars (though oddly Stephen began as a dramatic actor until someone noticed that he was pretty funny!). It's amusing looking at some early photos of Andy and Tony - I am not sure if its virgin blood, just maturing or help at the doctors - but they sure look much better now. It is like they are in some creepy Vincent Price movie.

Here are 10 pictures of each - and then 10 pictures of someone I wish was still with us today - as is the case of the lady on his arm in the first photo.






YTSL said...

Love those photos of Leslie. In particular, that first photo on that linked page sent shivers down my spine...

Anyways, small consolation, I know, but I really do cherish the body of work he (and Anita) left behind.

As for the others: It's not just that they look better these days than when they were younger (and perms were in fashion, etc.!). Rather, it's that their acting -- especially Andy's (and what price his work as a film producer and mentor plus financial backer of many young Asian filmmakers?) -- has improved so much too!

eliza bennet said...

I think Brian has a point, since they indeed look better not only for their age but also than their younger days.

But Leslie is not included since he was just as angelic then as he was at the time of his death.

sbk said...

These photos are a lot of fun to view. I'm thoroughly enjoying them.

I too think Leslie looks the best of all of them- at any age. He was probably handsome the day he was born.