Friday, November 10, 2006

Two More Thai Fim links

Here are two articles from Kong Rithdee who writes so well about Thai films for the Bangkok Post. The first is on the actor who plays the title role in the upcoming epic, The Legend of King Naresuan.

and the second article is a brief look at films still to come this year and a criticism of the total lack of political content in recent Thai films.

I also have to congratulate the American people for finally waking up from their 6-year apathetic and unquestioning slumber to send the Republican's packing. It's rather a shame though that it took the lives of 3,000 American soldiers and God knows how many Iraqi's to do so. To paraphrase Pelosi - the elections are over, now let the investigations begin. I truly believe this administration is the most corrupt, immoral and inept in our history and I think the American people and the global community have a right to all the facts. So much hubris for such small minded men and it's time for an accounting.

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