Monday, October 02, 2006

Hong Kong Tidbits

Here is some news/gossip about a few of our favorite HK stars that was reported in a Malaysian newspaper.

It seems that Ekin Cheng is now dating Yoyo Mung after his breakup with Gigi Leung a few months back. So its been from Maggie Siu to Gigi to Yoyo for Ekin - getting better all the time. Gigi is wasting no time either, but has reached out for something entirely different - a Frenchman called Sly. Somehow being with a Frenchman called Sly feels very temporary - so she should be on the open market fairly soon I would guess.

And Cecelia Cheung is hands off material as well - it appears that she and Nick Tse got married in the Philippines a few weeks ago though they haven't officially announced it yet but Nick did sort of confirm it when surrounded by the hordes from press. It is rumored that she may be with child. If that is so it is perhaps possible that she may be visible again in a few months. No one has been able to spot her since she got her weight down to 11 ounces and one has to wonder how a ceremony was performed.

Stephen Chow is having problems with yet another female protege of his. You may recall that there was a nasty falling apart between him and Eva Huang (Kung Fu Hustle). This time his starlet, Zhang Yuqi, for his next film "Yangtze River 7" went off and had surgery to remove her double eyelids and this pissed Chow off as she lost her natural looks for the film. So she may be replaced even though she offered to have the surgery reversed. Can't he just use cgi to make them double again?

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Anonymous said...

Can't he just use cgi to make them double again?

Since it's a Stephen Chow movie, he could just do his normal ugly-beautiful heroine transformation much earier in the movie.